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Jane Stephens Honors Program

  • Fall 2021 Contract Creation Deadlines
    • Full Semester Session Creation Deadline: Friday, October 8
    • 1st 8-week Session Creation Deadline: Friday, September 24
    • 2nd 8-week Session Creation Deadline: Friday, November 5
  • Contract Completion Deadline
    •  Contracts must be marked "completed" or "unfinished" by Friday, November 19
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Participate in the Jane Stephens Honors Program

The Jane Stephens Honors Program helps you stand out from your peers. By offering educational opportunities tailored to the special needs, aspirations and motivations of students whose intellectual and creative abilities are outstanding, the Jane Stephens Honors Program underscores Southeast Missouri State University's commitment to quality and excellence in matters of knowledge, creativity and leadership. The goals of the Jane Stephens Honors Program reflect this basic commitment. These goals are: 

  • To address the special needs of outstanding students by providing a center of identity for formulating personal goals, developing self-esteem, and increasing the desire for self-directed learning.
  • To contribute to the general advancement of learning by encouraging the active pursuit of academic goals, as exemplified by research, scholarly activity and creative endeavor.
  • To encourage an intellectual orientation by providing a model of academic endeavor which emphasizes analytical thought, insight into the methodologies of different disciplines and cross-disciplinary synthesis.

Benefits of the Program

  • Early registration for sophomore and juniors
  • Interactive and engaging classes
  • Challenging yet personable faculty
  • Honors housing in LaFerla Hall
  • Volunteer and leadership opportunities
  • Social events
  • Fun, exciting, and educational field trips
Honors Program Testimonial

Honors Program Testimonial
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The Honors Program is my family on campus. The classes are exciting and dynamic and the faculty is outstanding. -- Annie Henning

The Honors Program in general is a great thing to be a part of. I love how interactive the classes are rather than sitting through countless lectures every day. Also, I really enjoy the Honors House. It is a great place to go study and hang out with friends. -- Suzanna Tullos

I like the Honors Program because it connects you with people who care about your education as much as you do. -- Cassie Park

I like going to the Honors House because everyone there is always so welcoming. It creates a perfect atmosphere for both studying and hanging out. -- Christina Thomas

I enjoy the intellectual conversations that I am able to have in my honors courses. -- Daniel Hedgcoth

I like the Honors House because it presents a nice environment to study in. -- Brent Forck


603 North Henderson

Jane Stephens Honors Program
One University Plaza, MS 4575
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701

Honors House Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:30 am until 5:30 pm