Big Muddy 9.2


Cover Photo:

Cover photo of Ed Wubbena by Chris Wubbena
Sculpture inset on cover: "winners and losers: in god they trust," by Chris Wubbena

Cover Design:

Matthew Long



Dr. Susan Swartwout 


Assistant Editors:

Donna J. Essner

Matthew Long


Publishing Interns:


Tara Delaney, Taryn Heid, Clinton Borror, Kaleigh Blackwood, Danielle Schlosser, Karina Dewing


Editorial Assistant:

Marcia Herring




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Rane Arroyo, Ohio

Catfish Sundays


Walter Bargen, Missouri

Everything exists in its own imperfection


Kristin Berkey-Abbott, Florida

Thanks Giving


Durrant Delgado, Ohio

Lackland Air Force Base, Summer 2005


Paul Felsch, Missouri


Carried Away


John Fitzpatrick, New York

The Hip


Barbara Freimuth, Missouri



John Grey, Rhode Island

Storm on the Mississippi


Elizabeth Harmon, Ohio

What You Want


Jennifer Long, Minnesota

Hunkake Etanhan Yuhapi

Angie Marci, Arkansas

After They Married

Seawall Boulevard


Mark Sanders, Texas

My Son, at Post, Camp Victory, Baghdad

The Poets


Jean-Mark Sens, Louisiana

Fifteen Year Cicadas


Robert Joe Stout, Mexico

Message to a Picture: My Mother in Her Show Biz Flapper Dress


Kelly Talbot, Indiana



Lisa Vihos, Wisconsin

Huck Forever


Laura Madeline Wiseman, Nebraska

Dead Girl Brand II




Ernest K. Allaire, Spain

Blues Fallin' Down Like Hail


Carolyn Light Bell, Minnesota

Why I Fight With Bobbie But Not Billie


Phil Harvey, Maryland

Tomato Only


Jennifer Hotop, Missouri



Ronald Lands, Tennessee

Heart Sounds


Jessica Pitchford, Florida

The Soloist 




Aaron Gilbreath, Arizona

No Sidesaddled Pig


Lisa Knopp, Nebraska

Nauvoo, The Beautiful Place


Keith A. Sculle, Illinois

In Public View And Private Memory: Gobblers Knob Deer Park



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