Big Muddy 7.2



Cover Photos:

Front cover-"Perfect Cord 2"

Back cover-"Perfect Cord" and "Perfect Cord 3"

Cover Design:

Karissa Scott


Dr. Susan Swartwout 


Assistant Editors:

Mandy Henley

Karissa Scott


Publishing Interns:

Marcia Herring

Courtney Shalon





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Kevin Koch, Iowa

The Rivers that Bring Us Together


Lynn Morrow, Missouri

A Surveyor's Challenges: P.K. Robbins in Missouri


Josh Peterson, Colorado





Roy Bentley, Florida

The Visiting Writer


David Bond, Illinois

The Tower at Giant City Park


John Grey, Rhode Island

Swamp Tour


Charity Lusteck, Minnesota

In the Shelter


Kristi Murray Costello, New York

Bear-like Intuition


William Sheldon, Kansas

On an Island in the Keys


Kevin Stein, Illinois

Parakeet and Dark Star

Thinking of the Second Time They Shoveled Up Mr. Lincoln

Pre-Bowdlerized Poem Composed for a Fourth-Grade Illinois History Text






Steve Anderson, Arkansas

X-mas, RVN, 1967


Tim Bass, North Carolina

Home Remedies


Jeremy Billingsley, Arkansas

A Stranger for the Sick


Ron Smith, Kentucky

First Comes Marriage


Mighty River Short Story Contest Winner

Pat Landreth Keller, Georgia

The Magician's Assistant


Wilda Hearne Flash Fiction Contest Winner

Lauren Savit, New York

Shimmering City




Carol Wheeler, Texas

Flower 3

Waterlily 1

Waterlily 2

Waterlily 3

Butterfly 6

Butterfly 7



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