Big Muddy 7.1



Cover Photos:

Front cover-"The Western Anchor of Eads, Also a Refuge"

Back cover-"The Impressive Power of Eads, Crossing the Mississippi since 1874."

Cover Design:

Kristi Murray and Kristina Yesley


Dr. Susan Swartwout 


Assistant Editors:

Mandy Henley

Kristi Murray

Kristina Yesley


Publishing Interns:

Angela Barbeau

Ross Martin

Jill Wehrheim


Editorial Assistant:

 Elishia Heiden




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Mark Spitzer, Missouri

When Gars Attack



Alan Terry Wright, Missouri

Murder in Missouri: An excerpt from Alan Terry Wright's new book, Murder on Rouse Hill, a Historical Docudrama


Louis E. Bourgeois, Mississippi


Pirogue Races


C. D. Mitchell, Alabama

Ferdinand C. Posey


Charles Edward Brooks, Zurich, Switzerland

The Inkwell


Jane Lawrence, Colorado

The Visitor


Dionnne Irving, Rhode Island



Miroslav Penkov, Arkansas




Gerry Mandel, Missouri

Eads Bridge 1&2

Eads Bridge 3&4

Lewis and Clark Sculpture

Eads in Winter





Richard Sederstrom, Arizona

The Education of Bear

Down the Great River With Old Bones


David Radavich, Illinois



John Cantey Knight, Louisiana

Cain's Mark

Where I Write Poetry


Ron Collings, Wisconsin

For Honor


Norm Rourke, Oklahoma

Case xx Stockman


Lowell Jaeger, Montana



Jeff D. Simpson, Oklahoma



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