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Courtesy of the Center for Ozark studies Collection, Box 34, Folder 1, Special Collections and Archives, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, MO. Folder 7099: Missouri Lumber and Mining Company Records, 1853-1945, Western Historical Manuscript Collection—University of Missouri.

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David Benac, Louisiana

Ozarkers and Industry: The Integration of Economic and Social Behaviors


C. L. Bledsoe, Virginia



Kevin Koch, Iowa

Manitoumie. Sinsinawa.


C.D. Mitchell, Tennessee



Keith A. Sculle, Illinois

The Tomahawk Trading Post—More than a Store



Ann Boaden, Illinois



Jesse Laurentius, Missouri

Porch Man


Dennis Nau, Minnesota

The Man with the Broken Face


Lynda Firth Raines, Virginia

Southern Health



Jake Wells, Missouri


Hubble Creek

Mississippi Nights

Castor River


Mississippi Riverside #1






C.D. Albin, Missouri



Maureen Alsop, California

Night Pastures


David Bond, Illinois

Against My Will I Think of You

What Editors Are Not Looking For


Daniel Crocker, Michigan

Camping in Missouri


Kendall Dunkelberg, Mississippi



Malaika Favorite, Georgia

Sailing Ships

Cross Burning


Brian C. Felder, Delaware

Sunday Morning in the French Quarter


John Cantey Knight, Louisiana

new orleans continuing center for the performing arts


Tim Kahl, California

The Swimsuit Model


F. M. Landrum, Alabama

City Water


Michael Meyerhofer, Illinois

The End of the World

The Witchhazel Beggar of Chicago Union Station


Richard Sederstrom, Arizona

The Old Lecturer


Ryan G. Van Cleave, South Carolina


Blue Sonnet

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