Big Muddy 3.1



Cover Art:

"One Dollar Bridge"
is a mixed media piece                      

by Megan Thrower,
Cape Girardeau, Missouri



Dr. Susan Swartwout 


Assistant Editors:

Mandy Henley

Bridget Brown


Publishing Interns:

Michael G. Howell

Carla Lee

Mackey Smith

Katherine Mayer

Kristi Murray


Editorial Assistants:

Chris Ashby

Bryce Aubuchon

Todd Aubuchon

Meghan Buford

Tonia Ems

Valonna Fowler

Kristine Hehner

Chris Larose

Ben Marxer

Jennifer Nelson

Jason St. John

Dale Hawkins


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Steven Bender, Missouri

Neely's Landing—The Rise and Fall of a Mississippi River Town


Bill Church, Missouri



E. Scott Cracraft, New Hampshire

Show Me Socialists:  Missouri's Early Radical Heritage, 1861–1920


Katherine Fischer, Iowa

River Fever


K. Jack Killgore, Jan Jeffrey Hoover, Robert A. Hrabik

Pallid Sturgeon Captured Four Years After Its Release


Philip C. Kolin, Mississippi

Going to Humes with Elvis:  An Interview with Robert Cummings



J. Dixon Hearne, California



L. B. Parker, Alabama

Little Rock's Fire


Cedric Shannon, Illinois

Blood Brothers


Richard Lee Zuras, Maine

The Wrestlers of Evangeline Parish




Gerald R. Wheeler, Texas

Vintaged Tractor

Tractor Resting in Peace


Antique Wheelchair

Beetle Graveyard

Blue Heron in Reeds

Eden II

Trading Post




Paul Davis, Missouri

The Broader Beat of Things


Sue De Kelver, Wisconsin

When an Atheist Dies


George Gott, Wisconsin

Muntu #009


Susan Grigsby, Missouri

The Bartered Bride of Calhoun County


Ryan Harper, Missouri

And Then One Day


Adam Houle, Wisconsin

Nabokov Westerns


Elizabeth Howard, Tennessee

The Flame Eternal


John Cantey Knight, Louisiana

A Memento from the French Quarter


Philip C. Kolin, Mississippi

Mississippi Cold Rain


Joanne Seltzer, New York

A Convoy of Headlights


Virgil Suárez, Florida

Jesús's Map


Gerald Wheeler, Texas



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