Big Muddy 2.1



Cover Art:

By Inland Waterways artist
Gary Lucy


Front Cover:  "Lewis and Clark: The Departure from the Wood River Encampment, May 14, 1804"        


Back Cover:
"Eating up the Lights: Marking the Channel for Safe Passage"



Dr. Susan Swartwout 


Assistant Editor:

Dan Crocker


Editorial Assistants:

Mary Jane Mills

Stacey Rollins


Publishing Interns:

Rebecca Brown-Gregory

Leon Cluck

M'Lee Fife

Mandy Henley

Amy Kay


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Nancy Bunge, Michigan

From La Crosse to Reality: The Blacklist's Impact on Joseph Losey


Lynn Casteel, Missouri

The Heights


Robert Chappell, Wisconsin

We're Homey. We're Simple. But Don't Call Us Quaint. (Please.)


Randy Cunningham, Ohio

Return to the River



Inland Waterways: The Highways of Our Heritage—An Interview with Gary Lucy


Anna Leahy, Missouri

Sunday Afternoon at the Barnes & Noble



John E. Miller, South Dakota

Laura Ingalls Wilder, A Perspective from 1932



Arthur J Stewart, Tennessee

Trickster Rules




Rachel Hall, New York

Dreams of the Mundane


Felicia Swanson, Illinois



Mary M. Wallace, Illinois

Local Landmarks and Points of Interest


Tammy Wilson, North Carolina

The Postcard




Gerald Wheeler, Texas



Southern Comfort













David Bond, Illinois

Hee Haw Hell


George L. Bristol, Texas  

Ste. Genevieve


Maureen Tolman Flannery, Illinois

Coming to Crossing 


G Timothy Gordon, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates



Michael A. Hoerman, Massachusetts

Wild Strawberries in Ozark County


Bradley Earle Hoge, Texas

Sinking into Shoveler's Pond


Elizabeth Howard, Tennessee

Where the Rivers Run


Holly Iglesias, Massachusetts



Jarret Keene, Nevada

Voices from the Fire



John Cantey Knight, Louisiana

Mark Twain


Susanna Lang, Illinois

Spring Floods


Deena Linett, New Jersey

Holy Saturday in the Northern Plains


Sallie McCormick Adams, Missouri

Flood Song

Missouri Flood Rivers


Corey Messler, Tennessee

Life by the Mississippi


Kelby Ouchley, Louisiana

Coming Back


Elaine Fowler Palencia, Illinois

On the Greenway

Interlude for Horns


Carol J Pierman, Alabama

Hands Across America


David Radavich, Illinois 

Inundation Rhapsody: Midwest 1993


Laurence Snydal, California

Storm Fence

The Circus


Virgil Suarez, Florida

Song of What Attracts the Bumble Bee to the Wisteria


Delilah Tayloe, Missouri 

Hard Frost Tomorrow (Whitewater to Bloomfield)


Davi Walders, Maryland

Delta Currents


Fredrick Zydek, Nebraska

The Dangerous Art

Outside the Circle of Fire


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