Big Muddy 1.2



Cover Art:

Original watercolor
by Louise Bodenheimer

Cape Girardeau, Missouri 


Dr. Susan Swartwout 


Research Assistant:

Dan Crocker


Publishing Interns:

Bridget Costello

Ryan Heslinga


Editorial Assistants:

Chad Armbruster

Rebecca Brown

Lynn Casteel

M'Lee Fife

James Guthrel

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Jacqueline Kieres

Carla Lee

Katherine McCarthy

Marybeth Niederkorn

Jon Thrower

Kris Yesley

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Cynthia Annett, Kansas

Another View of the River 


Peter J. Bergerson &
Catherine M. Bergerson, Missouri

The Political Socialization of an American Icon: Rush Limbaugh III


Curt Leitz, Wisconsin

National Myth and the Fallen River in 20th-century Mississippi Travelogues


Carl Pracht, Missouri

A Letter by Arthur M. Hyde on His Years as  Missouri Governor


Roald Tweet, Illinois

Lost Treasure

The Front Porch




Brendan Straubel, Michigan

The Rain




Don Haupt, Jr., Missouri

Old Lorimier Cemetery

One Last Look






Paul Allen, South Carolina



Call Now to Receive


Antler, Wisconsin

Dinosaur Puppy-love

Looking Up at the Milky Way Thought


Carole Cohen, Missouri

Flood Plains 


Claire Feild, Mississippi

Ekman Dredge



Darren E. Morris, Virginia

The Majesty of Lou Brock


Gerald Nicosia, California

Midwest Rhapsody


Simon Perchik, New York




Dick Stahl, Iowa

Firing My Urn Shell 


Brendan Straubel, Michigan



Ryan G. Van Cleave, Wisconsin

Open-air Cafe

Two Hours Before She Leaves for Reno for Good, the Security Guard's Wife

Song of the Gizzard

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