Big Muddy 13.1

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by Willy Conley

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Dr. Susan Swartwout 


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Amanda Meyer, Caleb Tankersley, Carrie Walker

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Alex Hughes, Shaylin Montgomery, Rebekah Scheffer, Melanie Whithaus



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2012 Contest Winners

Jessica Weatherford, Texas



Anna Dizack, Arizona




Steven Bender

Tragedy at Neely's Landing: The Burning of the Steamer Stonewall


Mike Bezemek

Rivers Unknown




Doug Hoekstra

Extra Sensory Something


Stephanie Dickinson

Vanilla Wafers


Crona Gallagher

The Wisdom of Eggs


Robert Hamblin



Bridgette Shade

The Machinist's Son


Malaika Favorite





Willy Conley


Sears Oil Company

Bait Shack

Used Car Shack












Angelina Oberdan

Hunting for Treasure


Kenneth O'Keefe

Time Capsule


Jianqing Zheng



Matthew Brown


The Hills Behind the Farm


Paul Martin

Aunt Vilma


Karen Eileen Sisk

Writing the Bird Book


JB Mulligan

questions and answers


Holly Guran

Green Heron



John McKernan

Ways to Begin an Elegy


Daniel James Sundahl

Road-Hunting, October 1965


David Gross

Storm Awareness


Ed Meek

New Madrid, MO, 1811


Kristin Berkey-Abbott

Somewhere Between Side Dish and Dessert


Elyse Schuler-Cruz

I Thought of You Today


Mark Taksa



Lowell Jaeger

The Cold War at Home

How We Survived the Cuban Missile Crisis


Bill Brown

April's Fool


Robert Joe Stout

Iowan Looking West from Oregon


Danielle Rohac

Fall in Michigan


Patricia L. Hamilton

Fourth of July


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