Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors

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The anthology Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors showcases writing from military veterans and their families from across the nation, including writing about WWI and WWII, Vietnam, the Gulf Conflict, Afghanistan, and Iraq.


The volume also sponsored a veterans' writing competition, judged by stellar writers Mark Bowden (Black Hawk Down), William Trent Pancoast (WILDCAT), and soldier-poet Brian Turner (Here, Bullet and Phantom Noise). The winners and finalists are spotlighted in the front of the book.


The anthology is the first in an annual series published by Southeast Missouri State University Press in Cooperation with the Missouri Humanities Council's Veterans Projects and the Warriors Arts Alliance. The Missouri Humanities Council plans to expand the partnership to include additional organizations that are both concerned and supportive of American veterans.


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Fall 2012  


Winners of the Warriors Anthology Writing Competition:

Nonfiction Winner: Paul Mims for "Rockhappy 1944-45
Nonfiction Finalists: Jarrod L. Taylor for "Sadr City" and Jimmy Castellanos for "Desert Snow"

Poetry Winner: Gerardo Mena for "Baring the Trees"
Poetry Finalists: Carol Alexander for "Rewind" and Bill Glose for "Desert Moon"

Fiction Winner: Monty Joynes for "First Day at An Khe"
Fiction Finalists: Edie Cottrell Kreisler for "Remembering Cu Chi" and Ryan Smithson for "Tap Shoes"




Between Wives by Jay Harden


53 Alpha by Jonah E. Krause


The Soldier's Two-Step
A Rock Called Afghanistan
by Lauren K. Johnson


Ana as'fi
On Leaving for Iraq a Second Time
by Christopher P. Collins


Bunker Sonnet by Nicholas Watts-Fernandez


Hyphenated Americans by Jan Morrill


Little World by Chris Whitehead


Ode to the Enemy Sniper by Gerardo Mena


War is Steel by Christopher Lee Miles


In Less Than a Minute by Russell Reece


Distant Seitz
SPC Browning Speaks
by Levi Bollinger


Be Polite But Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet by Jesse Goolsby


In the Military Garden of Remembrance by Walter Baker


No Hero by Colin D. Halloran


what sacrifice has been by Randy Brown


The John Wayne Hills by Steven Croft


All Fun and Games, Until by David Lawrence


Care Package
Something Else You Don't Need
by Liam Corley


Cleaning Up Our Mess (October 2003) by Brian Curran


The Ride Home by GuruSahai Good


For a Future Believed In
The Way We Were: Portrait of a Vietnamese Veteran's Grandson
by Jay Harden


Deep and Free
Baby I'm Already Back
All I Ever Wanted
by Aaron Horrell


Transit by James Mathews


War Wounds by Sonja Pasquantonio


Don't Tell His Mother by Monty Joynes


Army Mom by Sheree Nielsen


Liberation Requiem by Shaun Yankee


The Poet & The Wounded Warrior's Return by James A. Moad II


Veteran's Quiescence by Michael Sukach


Lake Serene by Bruce Sydow


Becoming the Devil by Jacob Worthington


The Flies by James Wooden


Army Issue by Leslie Harper Worthington


The Life of a Superhero by Richard Van Beeson


Cloud Fishing
Prisoners of War 1965
by Tim Leach


A Letter Home from Fort Bliss, Texas, 1918 by Philip Renner


What We Leave Behind by Jason Sansburn


In the Salmon's Eyes
Furlough, May '99
by William Lusk Coppage


A Red-Haired Rosie by Velda Goodgion Brotherton


Green Card Soldier
by Carl Palmer\


Smedley Butler's Disciple by David S. Pointer


The Cost of Memory by Susa V. Meyers


Search Team
Clearing a Room
by Bill Glose


Moment Two by Daniel D. Bradford


Sonnet for Killing by Dario DiBattista


The Cargo by James A. Moad II


tree line by Fred Rosenblum


Sulfur and Moonshine
What's For Dinner, Doc?
Picking up the Slack
by Jason Pourdrier


The Ponytail Pal Christmas by Mitch Duckworth


Their Letters by Kathleen Willard


Just One Smile by Michele A. Boyle