Faulkner and Morrison


Edited by Robert W. Hamblin
and Christopher Rieger

Publication: 2013
Pages: 307
Book size: 6 x 9

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ISBN 13: 978-0-9883103-2-2


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Faulkner and Morrison is volume three in Southeast's Faulkner Conference Series.


The essays in this volume were selected from papers presented at the Faulkner and Morrison Conference hosted by Southeast Missouri State University's Center for Faulkner Studies in Cape Girardeau, October 28-30, 2010.



Includes the following essays:

Morrison and the (Faulknerian Dark) House of Fiction
John N. Duvall


Many Thousands Gone: Nascent Colonial Whiteness in Go Down, Moses and A Mercy
Theresa M. Towner


Defying the Cultural Logic of Southern Exceptionalism in Absalom, Absalom! and Song of Solomon
Ted Atkinson


Enchanting Ghosts: Memory and Magical Thinking in As I Lay Dying and Beloved
Lisa Hinrichsen


The Bluest Eye, The Sound and the Fury and the Grecian Urn: Faulkner's and Morrison's Quest for Beauty
Francoise Buisson


Not the Same Old Faulknerian Song and Dance: Isolation in Toni Morrison's Beloved
Lorie Watkins


Shifting Boundaries: Charles Bon and Beloved as Symptoms of Hegemonic Ideology
Leslie Bickford


Hunting for Cultural Hybridity in Faulkner and Morrison
Shinya Matsuoka


Deadly Benevolences in Faulkner and Morrison
Gretchen Martin


The Dynamics of Allusion: Faulkner's and Morrison's Use of Genesis 1-3
Tara Tuttle


"We all dar:" The Formation of Collective Identity in Morrison's Beloved and Faulkner's Go Down, Moses
Adam Long


The Consecrated, Contaminated Land in Faulkner's "The Bear" and Morrison's Beloved
Claire Crabtree


"Something is happening to me": Witnessing Trauma in Faulkner's Sanctuary
Eden Wales Freedman


From the Margin to the Center: Dewey Dell's Pragmatic Resiliency in As I Lay Dying
Angeline Irene Olliff


Toni Morrison's Use of Postcolonial Aesthetics in Beloved and A Mercy
Wen-ching Ho


Toni Morrison's Critical Reception in China
Jincai Yang