2011 Contest Winner and Finalists


2011 Copperdome Chapbook Winner and Finalists

Winner:    Bern Mulvey, Iwate Prefecture, Japan Character Readings

Finalists:  Christopher Bursk, Pennsylvania "Boy with One Wing"

                 Lauren Davis, Vermont  "Hunted" 

                 Robert Aquinas McNally, California "Songs of the Two Names"

                 Jendi Reiter, Massachusetts "Bullies in Love" 

                 Denise Rue, New Jersey  "A Small System of Belief"                   

2011 Mighty River Short Story Contest Winner and Finalists

Winner:    Scott Kauffman, California "Cat Dance"

Finalists:  Tony Burnett, Texas  "Coyote"

                  Dana Chamblee Carpenter, Tennessee "Of Lullabies and Lightning Storms"

                  Tony Killinger, Texas "Any Friend of Jake's"

                  E.B. Sanders "Peaches & The Jiggers" 

2011 Wilda Hearne Flash Fiction Contest Winner and Finalists

Winner:   Pat Finney, Missouri   "Attending a Wake Filled With Strangers"

Finalists: Judith Garvin Bickel, California "The Squirrel"

                 Elizabeth Enochs, Missouri "Water Baptism"

                 Mary Kuykendall-Weber, New York "Lines Crossed"

                 W.F. Lantry, Maryland "Feral"