AudixTM FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How long will my messages stay in the system?

A. NEW (unlistened messages) = 10 days

    OLD (listened messages but not deleted) = 5 days

    UNOPENED (header has been heard, but not the message) = 3 days


Q. Can someone else get into my mailbox?

A. After 3 tries of using an incorrect password the system locks up. It can be unlocked only by calling  the Telecommunications Office at x2575.


Q. Can I retrieve my messages when I am at home or out of town?

A. Yes, when dialing Audix from a touch tone phone, dial (573)651-2660.


Q. How do I re-record the name portion of my mailbox?

A. At the activity menu press 5, then 5 again, the system will prompt you to speak your name after the tone. Press 1 when finished speaking your name. To review what you have recorded, press 2 3, or press *D to delete and start over. To approve, press #.


Q. Can I recover a message that was just deleted by mistake?

A. Yes, while still in Audix you can restore a message that has just been deleted by pressing **U. The system restores only the last incoming message that was deleted.


Q. How can I change my password?

A. At the activity menu, press 5, then 4

     Enter your new password and press #

     The system will ask you to enter your new password a second time and then it will confirm it has been changed.


Q. How can I transfer calls directly into Audix?

A. To transfer calls directly into someone’s voice mail without the phone ringing can be done by the following:

    While on the line with the customer, press the transfer button

    Dial 1060

    Enter the extension followed by the # sign

    Hang up


Q. How can I get my calls routed to another person just by having the caller press "0" for immediate assistance?

A. This feature is called "covering extension". Call Telecommunications to get the covering extension programmed on your extension, then be sure to re-record your greeting to include the option to press "0" for immediate assistance.