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To Administer Personal Greetings

You can use the Audix voice messaging system to record multiple personal greetings and to answer calls with those greetings according to specific call types you define.  To print a Quick Reference guide for Multiple Personal Greetings, click here.  


Step 1: Select Call Type

Press 4

You need to select the type of message to be played when the call goes to Audix.


Note:  You only need to set the call type once.  For example, once you set Greeting 1 for external calls, it remains designated to answer external calls until the call type is changed again.  If you are not going to change the call type, next time you record Greeting 1, skip Step 1 and proceed to Step 2.








Press 1 for Internal/External




Press 2 for Busy/No Answer




Press 3 for Out of Hours




Press 4 for No Out of Hours



Press 5 for Same Greeting for All Calls.

Available Call Types:

Internal message is played to callers within the campus. 

External message is played to callers outside of campus.


Busy message is played to callers when you are on the phone.

No Answer message is played to callers when you are away from your phone


Out of Hours message is played outside of normal business hours (i.e. 5:01 p.m. - 7:59 a.m.)






To listen to a greeting press 0, to create, change or delete a greeting, press 1.  To scan all your greetings, press 2.  To activate a greeting press 3.  To Administer call types press 4.  If finished press #.    
Step 2:  Create, Change, and Activate Greetings.  Press 1


The greeting you activate automatically replaces any greeting currently active for a specific call type.
Enter greeting number Enter 1-9 You can have up to nine greetings.
When finished recording, press # to approve or 1 to edit your message.  Record at the tone. Speak the appropriate greeting.


 Click here to see sample greetings.
  To Edit the greeting:

Press 1 to Start and Stop

Press 2,3 to play back.

Press *D to delete

Press # to approve


Greeting ___ approved.  To use this greeting for all calls, press 0, for busy calls press 1, for no answer calls press 2. Press the appropriate number for your choice of greeting.

Press # to approve.

The Audix prompt will respond according to the call type you selected.


Press 1 to record next greeting.


Repeat steps above until greeting is activated for the type of greeting you choose.  
If you need to activate or deactivate a greeting:




Press 3




The greetings must already be created and you must already have selected the call types.

To deactivate a greeting, activate another greeting (or the system greeting) in its place.  Or you may re-administer call types.

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