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Caller ID Agreement

Please read the following Student Caller ID Contract:

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Caller ID service is provided to residence hall students who subscribe to and follow regulations concerning Caller ID service. It is the responsibility of students living in each room to provide their own Caller Id instrument. The student agrees to be fully responsible and pay all Caller Id service charges incurred. By completing this form, you accept all financial liability for any charges billed to your account:

  • Fall Semester 2005 Special Offer - One time charge of $10.00 for the entire semester.

Caller ID charges can be accessed on the Southeast Portal at All Caller ID charges are added to the student's bill payable at the Cashier's office. Student understands and agrees that Southeast Missouri State University has the right to withhold transcripts and/or deny re-enrollment until payment of all outstanding debt to the University has been made. Telecommunications attempts to monitor Caller ID charges and temporarily suspends Caller ID service if charges are not paid.  When Caller ID service is suspended, the full amount will still be due and payable to the University. The student must contact Telecommunications for reconnection after the bill has been paid in full. Telecommunications also reserves the right to alter service and charges as a result of Caller Id system changes, updates, or malfunctions.



I will notify Telecommunications when I no longer wish to have the Caller ID service. I have read and understand the policies and agree to abide by them.

Student Information:

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