Celebrating 64 Years of Brotherhood.

The FIRST fraternity on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.

Alumni - W

Address Update

Alan Wagner Sun Lakes  AZ 1968 awagner@stlnet.com
Fredrick Wahl St. Charles MO 1975
Richard Walsh Florissant MO 1963 ?
Donald Walter Manchester MO 1967
William Warner O'Fallon MO 1962
Kevin Lee Watts Ballwin MO 1984
James Weakley Cape Girardeau MO 1960 ?
David G. Weber St. Louis MO 1982 ?
Mark Weber Cape Girardeau MO 1989 nmweber45@hotmail.com
Steven Weddle Columbia MO 1970
Jeffrey Wehner Ste. Genevieve MO 2003 jeffwehner9@hotmail.com
Ronald Weibrecht Anna IL 1971
Brent Weilmuenster Florissant MO 2009 btweilmuenstersigtau@gmail.com
Gregg Weinrich St. Louis MO 1985
Douglas Thomas Weishar Kansas City MO 1979
Harry Wells St. Petersburg FL 1957
Dane Werner Bloomsdale MO 2008 dwernersigtau@gmail.com
Denis Wessler Raleigh NC 1959
Jerry West Lake St. Louis MO 1991 ?
Glenn Westover Florissant MO 1968
Joe Whatton St. Louis MO 2007 wgwhatton@gmail.com
Norman Whinery St. Louis MO 1983 norman.whinery@gmail.com
Benjamin White Kirkwood MO 1977
Warren White E. Prairie MO 1984
Donald Whiteside St. Charles MO 1980
Aaron Whitworth Bloomsdale MO 2006 whit1040@hotmail.com
Thomas Wickenhauser Chesterfield MO 1969
Herbert Wickham Jackson MO 1955
Doug Edward Wideman Wentzville MO 1988 aynot@ibm.net
Brian Lee Widener Maryland Heights MO 1981
David Wiegand Wood River IL 1984
Raymond Wieland Catawba SC 1970 ?
Gary Wilke Saint Louis MO 1970
Terry Wilke Sappington MO 1970
Louis Williams St. Charles MO 1953
Glen E. Williams Boonville IN 1970
Charles Williams St. Louis MO 1972
Zachary Williams Jackson MO 2009 ?
William Wills St. Louis MO 2011 wmwills1s@semo.edu
Gregory Wilson Grain Valley MO 2002 crash_wilson@hotmail.com
Christopher Wilson St Louis MO 2008
Charles Wirtel Ballwin MO 1964
Brent Witte Troy MO 1991
Jason Wolpers San Tan Valley AZ 1998 jason@northeastmortgage.biz
Charles Wolters Clayton MO 1978 ckw@techapp.com
Thomas Wood Chesterfield MO 1966 tcwoodsr@sbcglobal.net
Marvin Woodfin Marble Hill MO 1975 mlwood13050@yahoo.com
Joseph Woods St. Louis MO 2007
Timothy  Woody Imperial MO 1980
Joseph Woody St. Ann MO 1985
Albert Wulf Chesterfield MO 1972
Clinton Wunderlich Cape Girardeau MO 1956

Sigma Tau Gamma

Cape Girardeau, MO

Address Update

Our local chapter address book has been merged with the national address book. Your street address has been removed from our website only. If you would like to update your address, please click on the "Address Update" link. Updates to this websites alumni address book will be completed on an annual basis.