Celebrating 64 Years of Brotherhood.

The FIRST fraternity on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.

Alumni - S

Address Update

Daniel Sage Bridgeton MO 1996 daniel.sage815@yahoo.com
Karl Samson Chatham IL 2004 karlsamson@hotmail.com
Charles Sander Nebo NC 1963
Timothy Sanders St.  Ann MO 1997 tms27stl@yahoo.com
Oliver Sappington Sunrise Beach MO 1972 ?
Michael Saputo Florissant MO 1972
Thomas Sater Alpharetta  GA 1988
Michael Sater Poplar Bluff MO 1992
Nathaniel Sater Pacific MO 1996
Ronald Sauer Columbia IL 1966
Trenton Sauer Arnold MO 2004 trentsauer@yahoo.com
Michael Savage Wheaton IL 1969 msavage361@aol.com
Richard Scatizzi St. Louis MO 1956
Frederick Schaljo Florissant MO 1969 fredschaljo@yahoo.com
Gary Schemel Ellisville MO 1997
Donald Schepker Ballwin MO 1964
Charles Scherer Maryland Heights MO 1975 ?
Donald Schiller Lyons CO 1968
Kenneth Schlemeier Farmington MO 1964
Michael Schlimme Cape Girardeau MO 1974 ucmse@yahoo.com
Tim Schloss St. Louis MO 1974 pursuitproducts@charter.net
Gerard Schlueter St. Louis MO 1988
Michael Schlueter St. Louis MO 1991
Keith Schmelzle Ste. Genevieve MO 1993
Paul Schneider St Louis MO 1976
Brandon Schulte St. Louis MO 2008 bgschultesigtau@gmail.com
Craig Schumer Jackson MO 2006 golfer_51@hotmail.com
Robert Schwab St. Charles MO 1972
Jack Earl Schwab St Charles MO 1982
John Schwalbert Imperial MO 1992
James Schwaninger Sikeston MO 1967 jimschwaninger@charter.net
Christopher Schwartz St. Louis MO 1991
Anthony Schwartz O'Fallon MO 1993
Kevin Schweiss Portsmouth VA 1993
Dan Schweiss Ste. Genevieve MO 2001
Kyle Schweiss Festus MO 2004 kyleschweiss@hotmail.com
Nicholas Schweiss Glendale AZ 2005 nick.schweiss@hotmail.com
Gary Russell Schwenk St. Louis MO 1998 grsiii41@msn.com
Michael Scott Ballwin MO 1972
Jeffrey Oren Scowden Dexter MO 1992
Michael Scozzari St. Louis MO 1983
Tobin Crawford Search Columbia IL 1980
Stephen Severino St Louis MO 1977
Frank Mario Severino Collinsville IL 1982
Elery Sharp Ballwin MO 1971
Steven Shawhan St. Louis MO 2005
David Shelton Clayton MO 1971
Kenneth Wayne Shields Belleville IL 1992
Thomas Shine St. Charles MO 1984 tshine6810@aol.com
Patrick Shine St. Charles MO 1985
Andrew Shores Germantown TN 1973
David Shrum Nashville IL 1993 dwstrap@charter.net
Dale Siebert Goshen KY 1973
Stanley Sikes Cordova TN 1979 scsikes@comcast.net
Larry Sims St. Peters MO 1994
James Sinkler O'Fallon MO 1985
Matthew Skeens Harrisonville MO 2008 mrskeens@gmail.com
Robert Skiljan Savannah GA 1959
Roger Skinner Cape Girardeau MO 1970
Daniel Slenker Chesterfield MO 1971
Robert Smith Pagosa Springs CO 1960
Ronald Smith Chagrin Falls OH 1966
Gary Smith Jefferson City MO 1969
Steven Smith Port Jefferson Station NY 1972 sdrakes@aol.com
Michael Smith Owensville MO 1980
John Smith Fenton MO 1993
Jon Smithson Arnold MO 1986
Michael Smugala Ballwin MO 1983
Kevin Snavely Elkton MD 1975
Craig Snavely St. Louis MD 1976 kramdy21784@yahoo.com
Dennis Snep Belleville IL 1967
Conrad Snyder Fenton MO 1968 cms_kas@hotmail.com
Michael Sommerville Saint Peters MO 1976
William Sontag St Charles MO 1988
Brian Sontheimer Florissant MO 2010 bmsonteimer@gmail.com
Robert Speicher Springfield IL 1969
Terry Spitzmiller Bellbrook OH 1979 spitzmtl@ntnotes2.ascsm.wpafb.af.mil
James Springs Jefferson City MO 1960
James Staab Chesterfield MO 1997
Bill Stacy Chattanooga TN 1960 bill-stacy@utc.edu
Raymond Stahl Florissant MO 1966
Steven Stahl St. Charles MO 1971
John Stahr St. Peters MO 2005 cardstahr@hotmail.com
Justin Stahr St Louis MO 2008
Dennis Stallman Ste. Genevieve MO 1974
Kenneth Stallman St. Louis MO 1976
Steven Todd Stanberry Kinston NC 1986
Eric Stanton O'Fallon MO 1993
Sidney Stauffer Gillespie IL 1971 sstauffer@ctnet.net
Philip Stegmann St Louis MO 2003
Andrew Stegmann St. Louis MO 2006
Addison Stephens South Prairie WA 1997
Jeffrey Stevens Richardson TX 1977
Tyler Stevens Perryville MO 2008 tjstevens@gmail.com
Don Stevenson St. Louis MO 1977
Eric Stevenson St. Louis MO 1998 geoeric98@yahoo.com
Robert Stewart St. Louis MO 1975
Matthew Cole Stewart Nixa MO 1999 ?
Derrick Stewart St. Louis MO 2006 drs2756602@yahoo.com
Matthew Stiffelman St. Louis MO 2002
Stephen Stillwell Fenton MO 1973
Douglas Stolte Fenton MO 1978 dstolte@hussmann.com
Larry Strait Marshfield MO 1974
Monte Strait Independence MO 1974
Beau Strebeck St Louis MO 2000
Robert Streeter Fenton MO 1985 Deceased
Eric Strong Indianapolis IN 2000 eric.strong@comcast.com
Steven Studt St. Louis MO 1984
John D. Sullivan Canterbury CT 1957 ?
Paul L. Sullivan Henderson NC 1968 ?
Jim Patrick Sullivan Ballwin MO 1980
Russell Sutter St. Louis MO 1974
Dennis Sutterer Grimes IA 1974
Stephen Sweetin Stilwell KS 1980
Thomas Swoboda Ballwin MO 1985
Gyula Szabo Brookfield WI 1969
Tom Szepanski St Charles MO 1985

Sigma Tau Gamma

Cape Girardeau, MO

Address Update

Our local chapter address book has been merged with the national address book. Your street address has been removed from our website only. If you would like to update your address, please click on the "Address Update" link. Updates to this websites alumni address book will be completed on an annual basis.