Celebrating 64 Years of Brotherhood.

The FIRST fraternity on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.

Alumni - C

Address Update

Jeffrey Cabral St. Louis MO 1985
Todd Cabral Potosi MO 1995
James Cage Imperial MO 1994
Daniel Cahill St. Louis MO 1967
Donald Calvert DuQuion IL 1956
John Canepari Charleston MO 1975
Samuel Caputa St. Louis MO 1977
Dennis Carman Saint Louis MO 1970
Dennis Carraher Ballwin MO 1970 dcarraher@pkwy.k12.mo.us
Gerald Cates Muskogee OK 1976
Dustin Cattoor Cape Girardeau MO 2004 dustycattoor@hotmail.com
John Cavender St. Charles MO 1972
Keith Chapman Warrensburg MO 1993
Ernest Chism Germantown TN 1961
Matthew Chivetta Ballwin MO 2009 mchivetta@gmail.com
Johnny Christopher O'Fallon MO 1986
Timothy Cibulka St Louis MO 1983
Anthony Clark Dupont WA 1985
Brandon Clark Scott City MO 2002 brandonr.clark@hotmail.com
Brian Clark Los Angeles CA 2004 brianclark10@yahoo.com
John Clarke Bonne Terre MO 1998
C Kerry Cleeton Ballwin MO 1961
James Clement Baton Rouge LA 1992
Lawrence Clement Saint Charles MO 1993 p.clement@sbcglobal.net
Harry Cliffe St. Louis MO 1984 hc0226@sbc.com
George Cobb St. Louis MO 1974
Michael Coffey Chester IL 1974
Randy Cole Oneonta AL 1995
John Combest St. Louis MO 1978
David Compas Lake Elsinore CA 1966
Darren Compas Little Rock AR 1995
George Conner Brookline Station MO 1990
Michael Conroy Overland Park KS 1963
William Constantin Eureka MO 1986
Robert Cook Ellisville MO 1982
Craig Cooke Chesterfield MO 1976
Robert Coon Charleston MO 1976
Paul Cooper Bethel OH 1966
Paul Copeland Washington MO 1956
Joshua Copeland Defiance MO 2007
John Corcoran St. Charles MO 1982
Kent Cordry Las Cruces NM 1973
Richard Cosgrove St. Peters MO 1988
Larry Cotner Miami FL 1972
Kenneth Coughlin Oklahoma City OK 1978
Robert Cowles Columbia MO 1966 Bob.Cowles@westminster-mo.edu
Floyd Cox De Bary FL 1959
Bruce Cox Surprise AZ 1981
Craig Cox Barnhart MO 2000 geocraig77@msn.com
Robert Cragen McGregor TX 1972 rcragen@hot.rr.com
Deven Crane Atlanta GA 1991
Robert Crawford Houston TX 1957
Barrett Creech Blue Ridge GA 1962 creech@ellijay.com
Steven Crider Saint Charles MO 1980
Richard Cromwell Millstadt IL 1979
Mark Crouthers Oklahoma City OK 1984
Gregory Crowder House Springs MO 1980
Stephen Cruce Montvale NJ 1975
Thomas Cullinane Saint Louis MO 1962 TWCRAMFAN@aol.com
Bradley Cundiff Lake St. Louis MO 1985
Derek Curtis St Louis MO 1987

Sigma Tau Gamma

Cape Girardeau, MO

Address Update

Our local chapter address book has been merged with the national address book. Your street address has been removed from our website only. If you would like to update your address, please click on the "Address Update" link. Updates to this websites alumni address book will be completed on an annual basis.