Celebrating 64 Years of Brotherhood.

The FIRST fraternity on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.

Alumni - A

Address Update

Michael Abbott Jefferson City MO 2001 bigdaddyabbott@hotmail.com
Joseph Abele St. Louis MO 1965
William Abell Dauphin Island AL 1967
Anthony Accardi High Ridge MO 1990
Charles Adams Ferguson MO 1967
Jimmie Adkins San Ramon CA 1979 adkd@chevron.com
Tim Adkisson Brownsburg IN 1991
Allen Ahner Kirkwood MO 1969 Ahner1036@aol.com
Richard Albert Wildwood MO 1983
Roy Alfred Cary NC 1973 ralfred@nortel.ca
Douglas Allen St. Charles MO 1974 dallenc208@juno.com
Adam Alsup Lee Summit MO 1999
Clay Ancell Vienna VA 1966
Charles Ancell Sikeston MO 1969
William Andel Wilmington NC 1959
Thomas Anderson Imperial MO 1991
Mike Anderson St. Louis MO 1996 mikeanderson121@hotmail.com
Gary Anzalone Weldon Spring MO 1988
Mark Arant Lees Summit MO 1970
George Arft Saint Charles MO 1962 slagleap@inlink.com
Josh Argast St. Louis MO 2012 jtargast1s@gmail.com
Alexander Armbruster Perryville MO
Joe Armistead Columbia MO 1998
John Armstrong St. Louis MO
James Asberry Seattle WA 1967
Ryan Ashcraft Chula Vista CA 2005
David Aubuchon Lutz FL 1975
Dan Aubuchon St. Charles MO
Frank Autry St. Peters MO 1969 (Deceased?)
Takis Avqoustis Chattanooga TN 1987
Mario Awwad St. Charles MO 2000

Sigma Tau Gamma

Cape Girardeau, MO

Address Update

Our local chapter address book has been merged with the national address book. Your street address has been removed from our website only. If you would like to update your address, please click on the "Address Update" link. Updates to this websites alumni address book will be completed on an annual basis.