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Membership in Sigma Chi is not open for all, but only for a select group of students that must meet our minimum criteria for membership.

That minimum criterion is delineated in the Jordan Standard, which states that no man shall be allowed to be a member of Sigma Chi who is not believed to be:

• A Man of Good Character
• A Student of Fair Ability
• With Ambitious Purposes
• A Congenial Disposition
• Possessed of Good Morals
• Having a High Sense of Honor, and
• A Deep Sense of Personal Responsibility

In addition to these requirements, all students with no prior college must have a high school GPA minimum of 2.5 and/or an ACT score minimum of 15. Students with a college GPA must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

What is the purpose of Pledgeship?
Why Pledgeship?
What should I expect from Pledgeship?
What would be my time commitment?
How much will it cost?
Can I live in the house?

The Purpose of Pledgeship

Pledging in Sigma Chi is the preparation of prospective members for a personal commitment to the ideals for which Sigma Chi stands, and for the understanding and acceptance of the fundamental precept of our Fraternity that true friendship, brotherhood and the lifelong development of character demand accountability for one’s course in the Fraternity, in college, and throughout life. Preparation for brotherhood is the beginning of our fraternal experience, and has as its paramount goal the communication of expectations of our brothers, our academic institutions and our society concerning educational attainment, personal development and the contribution of value in all aspects of the world around us. Preparation for brotherhood is the challenge we offer those individuals who would become our brothers to discover the personal commitment that underlies our ideals, and to adopt it as their lifelong binding obligation.

Why Pledgeship?

While many fraternities are moving away from the concept of “pledgeship,” we maintain its necessity for the survival of our great Fraternity. This does not mean that pledge’s are hazed or treated as second-class members of the organization. They are not. We simply believe that the noble and lofty ideals and teachings encompassed in our Ritual have a meaning too profound to be adequately appreciated without some prior knowledge of their significance. That learning is at the heart of our pledge program. The enduring bonds of Sigma Chi brotherhood can only be forged among men who understand and appreciate the ideals upon which the Fraternity was established. Pledgeship is a critical first stage for those hoping to attain that appreciation and understanding.

What should I expect from Pledgeship?

The process of pledgeship consists of intellectual exercises, shared experiences, and cultivation of friendship of a higher order – all aimed at enlisting worthy men in a meaningful commitment of lifelong duration.

Learning the history and operational workings of the Fraternity are only a part of pledgeship. Pledges are asked not only to learn facts, but are stimulated to consider the relevance of those facts to Sigma Chi, their own lives, and the world at large. It is this thoughtful contemplation and introspection that enables the pledge to understand the significance and powerful meaning of the ideals and teachings of Sigma Chi and our Ritual.

Other important objectives coincide with the aims of Sigma Chi through pledgeship, including academic success, development of leadership skills and social responsibility, and service to the community. The pledge period provides a time for the pledge to become an integral part of the organization in these areas even before initiation.

What would my time commitment be?

Sigma Chi is an organization from which you will get out of it what you put in. There are some minimum requirements, however. Your time commitment as a pledge is not different from your time commitment as an active member. Typically, we have one meeting each week that is required and maybe one other required event each week. Study hours may also be required. Most other activities are not required, although we encourage all of our members to participate as much as possible. No activities are required that conflict with class or other academic responsibilities.

Remember, students who are more involved report greater satisfaction from their college experiences. The vast majority of college students have time for and would even benefit from Sigma Chi membership.

How much will it cost?

The average cost per semester for members of Sigma Chi is around $300 per semester.

First semester, new members will have to pay to Sigma Chi International Headquarders:
• Pledge Fee - $90
• Initiation Fee - $175
In addition, pledge dues are $_____________.

Total cost for first semester, then, is $_________.
Thereafter, the cost for membership is $________.

Remember, Sigma Chi and this chapter provide numerous scholarships available to our members to help with the cost of school.

What about housing?

The Sigma Chi House is located in Greek Housing Building H. It is the house closest to Towers. Most of our members are expected to live in the house, although senior members are typically allowed to move off campus. Pledges are encouraged to move into the house if possible. This is not an absolute requirement, however most members want to live in the house.

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