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Why join Sigma Chi Fraternity?

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The Badge

Initiated Sigma Chi wear a badge with a variety of symbols of our Fraternity. The pledge education process provides an opportunity for prospective members to learn about our story and our symbols.

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The Seal

Official documents of Sigma Chi Fraternity are recognized by the fraternity's seal, which is gold and contains a seven-branched candlestick and the year of our founding, 1855.

The Crest

Publicly, the fraternity is identified by its crest, which is a norman shield, representing our appreciation for the story of Constantine, the emporer who saw a vision in the sky in the form of a flaming cross which empowered his army to win, and ultimately convert much of the western world to Christianity. The public motto, which also has roots in the story of Constantine, is "In Hoc Signo Vinces," meaning, "In this sign, you will conquer.

The Flag

Sigma Chi is also represented by its flag, blue and gold with a centered white Norman cross.

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