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Want to know who else is a Sigma Chi? Here's a list of some heavy hitters!

K.S. “Bud” Adams Owner, Tennessee Titans
Lamar Alexander Tennessee Governor, U.S. Senator
Scott Altman Astronaut, Space Shuttle
William Barker Chief Justice, Tennessee Supreme Court
James Barksdale CEO, Nescape Communications
Warren Beatty Actor, Dick Tracy, Bugsy
Drew Bennett NFL wide receiver, Tennessee Titans
Drew Brees NFL quarterback, New Orleans Saints
Clancy Brown Actor, Highlander, Spongebob Square Pants (Eugene Krabs)
Saxby Chambliss U.S. Senator, Georgia
Grover Cleveland U.S. President
Buster Crabbe Actor, Olympian
Brian Dennehy Actor, First Blood, Death of a Salesman, Cocoon
William DeVries Surgeon, performed first artificial heart implant surgery
Mike Ditka NFL coach, Chicago Bears, Pro Football Hall of Fame
John Ensign U.S. Senator, Nevada
Jim Everett NFL quarterback, L.A. Rams
Matt Eversmann Sergeant, U.S. Army Rangers, portrayed in Black Hawk Down
Eric Fonoimoana Men’s Beach Volleyball, Gold Medalist
Kirk Fordice Mississippi Governor
J. William Fulbright U.S. Senator, Arkansas
Clarence Gilyard Actor, Walker Texas Ranger
John Gingrich CEO, Nestle
Barry Goldwater U.S. Senator, Arizona, U.S. Presidential Candidate
Gordon Gould Primary inventor of the laser
Bob Griese NFL quarterback, Miami Dolphins, Pro Football Hall of Fame
Greg Harbaugh Astronaut, Space Shuttle
Woody Harrelson Actor, Cheers
David Hartman Actor, Former Host Good Morning America
Jon Huntsman Philanthropist, Founder, Huntsman Chemical
“Ed” Kelley Chairman, Steak ‘n Shake, Founder, Kelley & Partners, Ltd.
Mike Holmgren NFL coach, Seattle Seahawks
Jon Huntsman, Jr. Utah Governor
Henry Hyde U.S. Representative, Illinois
Pat Kilbane Actor, MADtv
Jack Layton Leader of the Canadian New Democratic Party
David Letterman Host, The Late Show
Ted McGinley Actor, Married . . . With Children
Thomas McLarty White House Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton
Bob McNair Owner, Houston Texans
J. Willard Mariott President, Marriott International
Patrick Muldoon Actor, Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place
Frank Murphy U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Richard Nunis Chairman, Walt Disney Attractions
Merlin Olsen NFL defensive tackle, L.A. Rams, Pro Football Hall of Fame
Jim Palmer MLB Hall of Fame pitcher
Brad Pitt Actor
Andy Rooney Commentator
Ben Savage Actor, Boy Meets World
Tom Selleck Actor
Ike Skelton U.S. House of Representatives, Missouri
Bob Stone CEO, NEC
Hank Stram NFL coach, Kansas City Chiefs
Eddie Sutton NCAA basketball coach, Oklahoma State
Booth Tarkington Pulitzer Prize winning novelist
Rip Torn Actor, Men In Black, Dodgeball
Bobby Valentine MLB manager, New York Mets
Charles Watson Founder, CEO, Dynegy
John Wayne Actor
Ben Wells President, 7-Up Co.
Jay Wright NCAA basketball coach, Villanova

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