10 Point PC Inspection


If ResNet issues (i.e. viruses, spyware/malware, no Internet connection, etc.) can not be resolved over the telephone, the IT Help Desk will assist ResNet users in executing the following steps:


10 point PC inspection:

      Startup Minimization: Reduce the number of programs that start when a user logs in, decreasing boot up time and increasing overall speed of computing

      Cache Flush: Clean up unused temporary files left by various programs

      Antivirus Installation & Scan: Replace old/expired versions of antivirus software with Microsoft Security Essentials and scan for and remove viruses

      Spyware Scan: Install antispyware software and scan for and remove spyware

      TCP/IP protocol audit:  Repair the TCP/IP protocol if necessary

      Account Audit: Check for unneeded local accounts, recommend setting administrator and user passwords

      Windows Updates: Update the computer so that it has the latest security patches

      Automatic Updates: Set computer to receive automatic updates from Microsoft

      Hard drive defragmentation: Optimize the way data is currently stored on the hard drive in order to optimize computing experience

      Browser settings audit: Reset Internet Explorer's security and usability settings in order to provide a safer web experience