Q1. How can my company register with Southeast Missouri State University as a vendor?

A1. The University is always searching for new vendors!! Just contact the friendly staff of the Purchasing Department at (573) 651-2202. Tell them you would like an opportunity to do business with the University.

The form for registering is also available from the web site. We'll have you provide some basic information regarding your company, as well as a list of commodities, services, and/or supplies you can provide.

Q2. How does the University solicit bids?

A2. The Purchasing Department handles procurements exceeding $3,000. Departments are delegated authority for purchases under $3,000. Various methods of bidding are used--phone quotes, fax bids, or formal written bids, depending on the situation. State law requires bids be awarded to the lowest and best bid which meets all specifications.

Q3. How can I find out what the University is currently buying?

A3. Purchases exceeding $25,000 are advertised in the Southeast Missourian. In addition, all bids are publicly posted in the Purchasing office. Plus, you can call Purchasing to see what bids are available. The information is also posted on the web site at

Maintain contact with individual University departments who may purchase goods or services you sell. Departments are authorized to make purchases up to $3,000 (with the exception of some regulated items including, but not limited to copiers, computers, printers, and vehicles).

Q4. Are local vendors afforded any preference in the bid process?

A4. RSMo 34.070 and 34.073 state that Missouri vendors are given preference when the quality of goods or services is equal or better and the price quoted is the same or less.

Q5. How can I register as a vendor with the State of Missouri?

A5. Contact the State Division of Purchasing and Materials Management (DPMM) at (573) 751-2387 to be placed on the vendor list. DPMM will send you a vendor application to complete and return.


  1. Ensure your company is registered with the University as a vendor, with appropriate contact person, address, and commodity/service information.
  2. Maintain contact with Purchasing, Facilities Management, and pertinent individuals in departments. This ensures the most current information, as well as company name recognition. Also watch classified advertisements for bid information.
  3. Read Invitation for Bid documents thoroughly, to ensure a complete understanding of all specifications and requirements.
  4. Attend pre-bid conferences, inspections, and bid openings.
  5. Ask questions pertaining to bid documents prior to the bid closing date.
  6. Submit all requested information to ensure a complete bid package.
  7. After contract award, check prices submitted by other bidders.
  8. If in doubt, call!!