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The psychology club of Southeast Missouri State University was created to be an open organization for psychology majors, minors, and even those just thinking about it to come together to make connections with fellow peers as well as discuss a variety of topics including graduate school, careers, internships, courses, and more to prepare students for their future in the field of psychology. We also provide opportunities to get involved on campus through officer positions and volunteer work. Psychology club encourages students to use the four years of their undergraduate career to their advantage and gives useful information to help students reach their full potential as scholars interested in psychology.


  • T-Shirts! The Psychology Club T-shirts are COMING! Are you interested? The price should be between $12-15, but we wonít know until we know how many to order! If you wish to receive further information regarding the T-shirts, e-mail Chelsea Kline ( or Destiny Brooks (
  • Psychology Club Elections! We will be holding elections for leadership positions at the end of this semester. If you are interested in joining the Executive Board, get involved! Dedication to the club, events, and other members are of highest priority when deciding who takes leadership positions.
  • MPA! The MPA is the Midwestern Psychological Association Convention that is held every year in Chicago. For those interested in going, the event is May 1-4. We plan on taking the train, although the logistics and funding have not yet been determined. However, it is a wonderful experience whether youíre interested in or curious about research! Itís also a lot of fun. We have had many student presenters which is valuable experience, so if you see this in your future, come check it out! If you are interested in attending, please e-mail Chelsea Kline!
  • SRC! The SRC is the Student Research Conference hosted by the Psychology Department, Psi Chi, and the Honors Program. It will be April 16th and 17th, a Wednesday and Thursday. It is for undergraduate and graduate research, both theoretical and empirical. It is a chance to see what other students on campus are doing and also a chance for researchers to present their findings! It is good practice for those interested in presenting at MPA or otherwise. ALSO, we need student workers for this event! Greeters, session chairs, and judges are needed! If you are interested, please e-mail me with your availabilities. Any help is welcome!
  • GRE Study Groups: For those of you who are unaware, the GRE is the entrance examination for graduate schools. Since many psychology students aspire to continue their education, we are holding study groups for the GRE. This is especially valuable since it can be extremely overwhelming going about it alone. If you are interested, e-mail Chelsea Kline so she can send more information.
  • Relay for Life! Relay for Life is one of the volunteer fundraising events that the Psychology Club has participated in in the past. It is a fundraising event for cancer, and last year we were able to raise over $1200! If you are interested in helping with this event, you may e-mail Chelsea Kline or myself.


Upcoming Events:

Psychology Club meeting Wednesday October 22nd at noon in Scully 423



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