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Information Technology Assistant Application




Step 1:  Review the requirements and duties for the three student assistant positions.
Step 2:  Fill in all blanks.
Step 3:  Print a copy of your completed application form for your records.
Step 4:  Click the Submit button to send your application. If properly sent, you will receive a confirmation page. If you did not receive a confirmation page, resubmit your information by completing the form once again.
Step 5:  Submit your class schedule. Applications will not be processed without a copy of your class schedule.

*You must send a copy of your class schedule as an attachment to Do so by copying your class schedule on the portal and paste it into a Word document. Attach the file to an e-mail to
*Applications will not be carried over to the next semester- a new application must be completed for each semester.



**Current student workers do not have to fill the lines marked with **




                Ex: MM/DD/YY

Choose ALL positions of interest:  

  Computer Lab Assistant


  Help Desk Assistant


  Tech Assistant


Student Name                
                                        Last Name


Southeast ID (i.e., S012345678)             Semester you are applying for:
SEMO E-mail address Estimated Graduation date:
ON Campus     OFF Campus
Local Phone                  Cell Phone

Permanent Phone  

Field of Study:  
**Number of Credit Hours in Computer Courses**                 GPA      
**List Computer Courses Taken**:  

**List Software and Operating Systems that you have experience with**:   


**Other qualifications, experience, etc., relevant to working in the labs**:
**Lab Assistant or Faculty References**:
Will you work any other jobs?

Yes        No

If yes, is the job on campus or off campus?

On          Off

How many hours will be worked at other jobs per week?  

 Please provide a schedule of these work hours:
List any extra activities that may interfere with working in the labs and include times and days/dates:
Number of credit hours enrolled in for this semester?   
Click on the days and hours that you would not be willing to work:
*Use your class schedule to assist in this
  Sunday Monday






6 a - 7 a
7 a - 8 a
8 a - 9 a
9 a - 10 a
10 a - 11 a
11a - 12 p
12 p - 1 p
1 p - 2 p
2 p - 3 p
3 p - 4 p
4 p - 5 p
5 p - 6 p
6 p - 7 p
7 p - 8 p
8 p - 9 p
9 p - 10 p
10 p - 11 p
11 p - 12 a
12 a - 1 a
1 a - 2 a
2 a - 3 a
3 a - 4 a
4 a - 5 a
5 a - 6 a
What is the maximum number of hours you would like to work per week?              Minimum Hours       

*Students may not work more than 20 hours per week during the fall or spring semester but may work 37.5 hours per week during summer break.


If you selected the computer lab assistant position, what labs would you prefer to work?   Crisp      Dempster       Kent       Towers       Magill     Merick       River Campus

  Regional Campuses    Kennett       Malden      Sikeston   Help Desk

What shifts would you prefer working?   Early Morning (7 am - 9 am)      Morning (9 am - 12 pm)  
  Afternoon (12 pm - 5 pm)            Evening (5 pm - 10 pm)
  Late Night (10 pm - 1 am)          Wee Hours (1 am - 7 am or 12 am - 8 am)

                   Weekends   Yes     No

*Even if you have chosen 'No Weekends,' it is not guaranteed that you will not be placed on the schedule for weekends since several labs are open during this time.

   Yes, class schedule was sent as an attachment to
Applications without class schedules will be discarded.  

          * Copy your schedule from the My Courses tab in the Portal.

            Paste it into Word, save, and attach the file to an email addressed to