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Open Computer Lab Printing


Printing Balances

Up-to-date printing balances may be viewed by visiting the My Southeast Portal. Click on your student tab to locate the Printing Balance portal channel.

Printing Problems and Issues

Printing problems and issues must be brought to the attention of the lab assistant or designated person.


Printing Steps

Details will vary by program. After choosing the command print, select your printing preferences and click ok. A dialog box will appear requesting a Southeast Key and password.

1. Type in your SE Key

2. Type in your password

3. Click OK                            


The amount that will be deducted from your prepaid printing balance, or added to your student account if you have reached your prepaid limit, will be shown. 

Charges for Printing

Each semester, students will receive credit for 300 prepaid black & white printed copies. After the prepaid copies have been exhausted, printing will be charged to the student’s account at $.07 per black & white page and $.70 per color page. Any balance owed will be billed to the students at the end of each semester.

Semester-end Balances

Prepaid printing balances are reset to 300 pages at the end of each semester. Unused balances from previous semesters are not carried forward.


Click here to see a list of Frequently Asked Printing Questions.