Pictures of various NSSLHA events and members

2012's Pictures

NSSLHA Members work the registration table for      The speaker for the Hanen Center Presentation,
the Hanen Center Presentation.                                   Mr. Toby Stephan, MA, CCC-SLP.

NSSLHA Members, Cassandra Bollinger and          Dr. Tom Linares, Vice-President Chelsey Stoverink,
Leslie Birk help to keep the refreshment table           and President Lindsey Wehmeyer pose before the
stocked with goodies!                                              start of the Hanen Center Presentation.

2003's Pictures

Cindy Eftink is practicing working the visi-pitch machine with Kelley Schneider.

Kristen Bailey is providing therapy.

Kristi Hadder is performing an otoscope examination

Dr. Kevin Squibb is instructing a communication disorder student on how to perform a hearing evaluation.

Angie Biri is providing therapy at the University speech and hearing clinic. Kaci Pate is providing therapy.

NSSLHA members participating in a Big Brothers Big Sisters

fund raiser event at Cape West Park Lanes

Front -  Becky Naeger, Shelley Conroy, Celia Thompson

Back - Nicole Price, Krista Brown, Sarah Pulsgrove

Wow, look at those shoes!  We must be professionals now!
Becky and Shelly, what in the world are you doing? Congratulations Krista, you just bowled the high game of the night.............a 65!