Mary O'Connell - Conference Chair

  • Year in School: Junior
  • Major: Marketing Sales Management
  • Hometown: St. Peters, MO
  • Favorite Farm Animal: Duck

Sarah Proctor - Dinning & Banquet Chair

  • Year in School: Junior
  • Major: Middle School Education (emphasis in Science and Language Arts)
  • Hometown: Wentzville, MO
  • Favorite Farm Animal: Piggies!

Maria Vander Pluym - Sponsors Chair

  • Year in School: Senior
  • Major: Child Development with an Autism Minor
  • Hometown: Belleville, IL
  • Favorite Farm Animal: A Horse

Ellen Vasquez - Hospitality & Facilities Chair

  • Year in School: Junior
  • Major: Hospitality Management
  • Hometown: Hazelwood, MO
  • Favorite Farm Animal: The piggies even though they can be kind of messy.

Zach R. Barker - Registration & Organization Chair (Operations)

  • Year in School: Junior
  • Major: Biomedical Sciences/ Pre-Medicine
  • Hometown: East Prairie, MO
  • Favorite Farm Animal: Bacon

Haley Dolosic - Safety, Security, Transportation, & Volunteer Chair

  • Year in School: Junior
  • Major: Fren Education / Global Cultures and Languages (with an Emphasis in French)
  • Hometown: Troy, IL
  • Favorite Farm Animal: COWS!

Amber Joiner - Technology Chair

  • Year in School: Sophomore
  • Major: Technology Management: Graphics and Interactive Media
  • Hometown: Sparta, IL
  • Favorite Farm Animal: Sheep

Heather Brake - Conference Advisor

  • Education: Bachelors of Science in Recreation from Southeast Missouri State University, Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration from Southeast Missouri State University
  • Hometown: St. Genevieve, MO
  • Favorite Farm Animal: Cows! They are SO CUTE!