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Welcome to the Faculty/Staff Notables page. This site is published by the Office of University Relations for the faculty and staff of Southeast Missouri State University. This site is designed to be a dynamic, on-line publication to recognize the professional accomplishments, presentations, and publications of Southeast faculty and staff. Items submitted will be posted on the web site for 30 days, after which they will automatically be removed. Please feel free to print copies of this page during the 30-day period during which your item is posted. This will serve as your official record of your submission.

Individuals who would like to submit an item should enter the name of the author or co-author of the presentation, publication, or professional activity in the "name" box. If there are co-authors, please enter only ONE of the authors in this box. Place the names of the co-authors in the larger box below. This page is to recognize the professional accomplishments of only faculty and staff. Student accomplishments are only to be submitted by a faculty member and only to be submitted when they are completed in collaboration with a faculty member.

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