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“Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy: Postmodernism, Apocalypse and Rapture,” an article by Debrah Raschke, Department of English, has been accepted for publication in the prestigious Studies in Canadian Literature / Etudes en Littérature Canadienne. This article was written prior to any published criticism, and it will be among the first to emerge on Atwood’s apocalyptic trilogy. As of yet, there are still no articles on Atwood’s "Maddaddam" trilogy listed in the MLAIB.

“Over My Head,” a choir arrangement by Peter J. Durow, Department of Music, was published by Colla Voce Music, LLC. It is a double SATB choir arrangement of the spiritual "Over My Head." The arrangement was written for and premiered by the University Choir at Southeast and a recording of the work by the University Choir is also featured on the publisher's website at http://www.collavoce.com/catalog/item/over-my-head-39-20144. This is Durow's 16th publication with Colla Voce and his third publication since his arrival at Southeast in 2011.

“Gardening with Young Children: Birth Through Third Grade,” a book by Sara Starbuck, Department of Human Environmental Studies, was published by Redleaf Press in April 2014. It is the second edition of Hollyhocks and Honeybees. The book includes photographs and stories from Human Environmental Studies programs, faculty and staff. Co-authors of the book are Marla Olthof and Karen Midden.

"Outside the Garden: The Natural World in The Sound and the Fury," an essay by Christopher Rieger, Department of English, was published in the new book, “Critical Insights: The Sound and the Fury,” by Salem Press in 2014.

“Production, Growth and the Environment: An Economic Approach,” a book by William Weber, Department of Economics and Finance, was published by Routledge CRC Press. Written in a way that facilitates understanding of complex concepts, laws and policy, “Production, Growth, and the Environment: An Economic Approach” explores how economic growth usually makes people better off, but also asks at what environmental cost? These costs are not often realized until after the fact, when their remediation is more expensive, and sometimes not reversible. Very few books on environmental economics model the joint production of desirable and undesirable outcomes in any depth. This book fills that void. It discusses the demographic transition and the escape from the Malthusian trap. It also covers the environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis that examines the relation between polluting outputs and economic welfare.

"Destabilizing A Stable Crisis: Employment Persistence and Government Intervention in Macroeconomics," an article by Xiang-Sheng Wang, Department of Mathematics, B. Costa Lima, M. R. Grasselli, and J. Wu, was published in Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, vol. 30, on pages 30-52, in 2014.

"Global Stability Analysis of a Delayed SIS Epidemic Model," an article by Xiang-Sheng Wang, Department of Mathematics, and C. Paulhus, was published in the Journal of Biological Dynamics in 2014.

"Plancherel–Rotach Asymptotics of Second-Order Difference Equations with Linear Coefficients," an article by Xiang-Sheng Wang, Department of Mathematics, was published in the Journal of Approximation Theory in vol. 188 on pages 1-18 in 2014.

"The History of Saudi Arabia," an historical survey by Wayne Bowen, Department of History, will be published in December 2014 by Greenwood/ABC-Clio. It is the second edition of "The History of Saudi Arabia." The revised edition of this comprehensive survey follows the political, military, religious, economic and diplomatic history of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia from pre-Muhammad times to the present day. This book is Bowen's seventh, and second since joining the faculty at Southeast in 2008.

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