Southeast's Student Missouri National Education Association


Current Officers:    2004 - 2005


Campus Telephone


President   Jackie Metz (314) 402-4131
Vice President   Diane Griffith 334-4959
Secretary  Katelyn Baluneck (314) 223-5473
Public Relations   Julie Wooldridge (573) 339-7247
Public Relations Becky Lograsso (573) 339-7247

About the Officers

My name is Jackie Metz and I am the President of the Southeast chapter of the MNEA. I grew up in the St. Louis area and graduated from Lindbergh High School in 2001.  My major is elementary education with a concentration in social studies.  I am currently in Block III and will graduate Spring 2005 after student teaching.  I am planning to do my student teaching in St. Louis area and that is where I plan to teach after graduating.  I hope to get a job either teaching upper elementary or middle school social studies.


 My name is Diane Griffith and I am the Vice-President of the SE - MNEA. My major is Early Childhood Education and I am taking Block 3A this semester.  I hope to graduate in December 2005.  I am from Cape Girardeau and have lived here my whole life.  I plan on teaching in the Cape/Jackson area.


Hi everyone!! My name is Katelyn and I am the secretary of the Southeast chapter of the MNEA.  I am from St. Charles.  My major is elementary education and my concentration is cross-cat or special education.  I am currently enrolled in Block III.  I will graduate this Spring after student teaching.  After I graduate, I plan to get a job teaching regular or special education in the St. Louis area.  I want to start work on my master's degree a year after I find a job.







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