Travel Scholarship Available to Collegiate DECA Students



You may be aware that members of Southeast Collegiate DECA are eligible to apply for a travel scholarship if you are participating in a study abroad program with a minimum duration of 8 weeks next year.


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To apply, you must submit a 500-word essay to Dempster 208, IN WRITING.  The subject of your essay is to be: “What international study means for my career and my future.”


To be eligible for the Travel Scholarship for any given semester, the deadline for submission is the end of the last day of the last week of classes, 4 PM. 


For example to qualify for the scholarship to study in Ireland in Spring 2017, you need to submit your application by the end of the last week of the fall semester, Friday December 9th, 2016.


  • you must already be pre-registered for a Study Abroad program sanctioned by the International Business Studies program in the College of Business,

  • you must have a GPA of 2.5, and

  • be in good financial, academic, and disciplinary standing with the college and the university.

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for more information, contact Dr. John Cherry, Collegiate DECA advisor, Rm. 208.,  651-2923