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 Lindsay Albright

Lindsay Albright graduated from Southeast in summer 2005 with a major in public relations and minors in both marketing and business communication. She completed her degree this summer with an internship at a four-diamond resort, Amelia Island Plantation, an island off the northeast coast of Florida.

On a whim, Lindsay says she decided to look online for internships when she found an interesting one at  After applying online and having a telephone interview, she got a job working in the Aquatics Department at the resort.

“I was searching on Google for jobs in public relations, marketing, and sales, but ended up here instead,” Lindsay said.  “I like to do crazy things sometimes, and I’ve always wanted to go to Florida for the summer.  This internship allowed me to do that.”

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St. Louis, Mo.
Southeast Major:
Mass Communication:
Public Relations
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Marketing &
Business Communication

Lindsay landed in the Aquatics Department by trying to find a loophole that would allow her to work for the company, since the marketing department was completely full.  Lindsay’s previous work as a lifeguard landed her the position, and she was able to move around to several departments in order to get a full grasp of how the business was run. 

In order to tie her internship in with her major, Lindsay was given a public relations project to work on throughout the summer, and she had to present it to her managers before leaving.  According to her, each intern was given a project that corresponded with his or her major. 

“I have been working on designing a program that will target group businesses to use the plantation’s Segways and tours,” she says.  “The plantation has lots of conference centers, and businesses come down to use them.  We were responsible for promoting the Segway.”

While the plantation has both Island Hoppers and bikes for tourists to use, the only method of transportation to use during an island tour is the Segway, she said.

“My project idea to promote the Segway is made up of promotions and events that urge business customers to use the Segway.  I came up with several team building exercises and designed a scavenger hunt, giving clues about the plantation in order to really get people involved who were coming down on business trips.”

At the end of the summer, Lindsay will find out whether or not her ideas will be used.

Within the Aquatics Department at Amelia Island Resort, interns rotate through different areas: Amelia’s Wheels, where the Segway tours are given; Beach Rentals and Lifeguard.  A junior guard has been developed as well in which interns are responsible for coming up with lesson plans for kids ages 9 to 15.  Overall, Lindsay really values her experience.

 “It was a very fun job, and I got a good experience.  I am a very outgoing person, and have no regrets about this trip.  It especially made me appreciate everything I left behind and changed me as a person.

“Overall, I learned to be more independent because I went down by myself without knowing where I was going, and had to experience things on my own and for myself.  It was a good experience for me.  I got to meet lots of people from all over the world.  And I learned how to ride and give tours on a Segway!”

Lindsay’s zest for life comes out in all she does, and Southeast gave her a great outlet for her energy.  She was active in many organizations, including Alpha Chi Omega sorority, the Marketing Club (Delta Epsilon Chi - DEX), Public Relations Student Society of America, Big Brother/Big Sister and many more. 

She even started a Southeast organization called the Southeast Diamond Girls.

Lindsay developed the organization her sophomore year in conjunction with Southeast’s  baseball team. She says the organization is still growing.  The club promotes the team by running a concession stand at the games, throwing T-shirts to the fans, sitting in the dugouts and getting the bats and balls.  They also decorate the locker room at Houck Field House before each game to motivate them and wish them luck.

Out of all her experiences, Lindsay believes the Marketing Club has done the most for her.

“DEX gave me the best real-world experience out of all the organizations I have been in,” she said.  “Through being an officer, I learned to have better leadership skills, and the competitive events we went to forced you to be a professional where your ideas count.”

Lindsay said the professors and small class sizes at Southeast helped her get to know everyone in the classroom, which helped her focus and be successful in her studies.  Through the Harrison College of Business, she studied abroad in Europe during the summer of 2004. She said this experience helped her culturally and academically as she earned credit for her classes.

Knowing about her great experience at Southeast, it’s no surprise that Lindsay urges others to have the same vigor during college. 

“Get involved,” she said. “The best decision I made at Southeast was joining other organizations.  It gives you a chance to meet other people and experience new things, and is also a great resume builder. Another word of advice is: don’t be shy. Get out and meet new people and have fun. You only live once.”

Lindsay plans to return to her hometown to find a job in pharmaceutical sales in St. Louis.  She said she hopes to attend graduate school someday, but is uncertain as to when and where.

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