About Collegiate DECA

(formerly Delta Epsilon Chi)


What is Collegiate DECA?

Collegiate DECA is a national organization for college students preparing for careers in marketing, merchandising or management. Its local chapters and state associations are a division of National DECA, Inc.

Activities promoted by Collegiate DECA integrate and enhance the student’s curriculum. In addition, the organization’s close ties with the business community provide both opportunities for members and an appreciation for the American free enterprise system.

Collegiate DECA membership is an essential resource for the future marketing, merchandising, or management professional.

DECA’s Mission

The mission of Collegiate DECA is to serve its diverse international membership as a professional organization, providing leadership and career-oriented opportunities to develop and enhance tomorrow's leaders.

Collegiate DECA Objectives

To nurture competent, entrepreneurial, self-reliant leadership in the fields of marketing, merchandising, and management.

To help students make informed career choices by providing opportunities to explore fields as diverse as sales, food marketing, hotel management, department store and specialty store retailing, fashion merchandising, industrial and international marketing, finance and credit, advertising, insurance, wholesaling, and other marketing-oriented occupations.

To foster high ethical standards in business.

To encourage business activity that demonstrates civic, social, and moral responsibility.

To develop appreciation of the influence of the fine arts in business.

To recognize the importance of career education and to promote a willingness to use training facilities provided by corporations to continually improve skills and knowledge, in college and throughout adult life.

To increase understanding of and appreciation for the American system of free enterprise.


Which Major U.S. Corporations Support DECA?

American Hotel & Motel Association
American Institute of Cooperation
Automotive Service Industry Association
Bryan Communications, Incorporated
Cable Advertising Systems
Cheesebrough-Pond’s, Incorporated
The Fashion Institutes of Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale
The Fashion Institutes of Design & Merchandising of California
The Field Institutes Center of New York
GENESCO, Incorporated
Gordon Jewelry
Hardee’s Food Systems, Incorporated
International Fine Arts
JCPenny Company, Incorporated
Johnson & Wales College
Josten’s, Incorporated
Kay-Bee Toy & Hobby Shops, Inc.
Kentucky Consumer Finance Association
Kinney Shoe Corporation
F.W. Woolworth Company

K Mart Corporation

Marriott Corporation
McDonald’s Corporation

Pepsi-Cola Company
Phillips Petroleum Company
Sales & Marketing Executives International
Sears, Roebuck and Company
Selrite School Equipment Corporation
The Seven-Up Company
Signpress Division of Dick Blick Company
Stride Rite Retail Corporation
Tandy Corporation/Radio Shack
Toys "R" Us, Incorporated
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy
Walgreen Company
Wal-Mart Foundation
Who’s Who (Educational Communications, Inc.)
Winn-Dixie Stores, Incorporated
Wohl Shoe Company

DECA Leadership

The following information will help guide you to leadership in Collegiate DECA. This material is based on a series of leadership handbooks published by the National Association of Parliamentarians and available through Collegiate DECA.

Chapter Officers

The President’s role includes the following responsibilities:

State Representative
The State Representative’s role includes the following responsibilities:

The Treasurer’s role includes the following responsibilities:

The Secretary’s role includes the following responsibilities:

The Vice President of Programming’s role includes the following responsibilities:

The Vice President of Fundraising’s role includes the following responsibilities:

The Vice President of Publicity’s role includes the following responsibilities:

Community Service
The Vice President of Community Service's role includes the following responsibilities:

Summary of Specialized Services

The following is a summary list of services available to Collegiate DECA student members and advisors, along with a brief description of each publication.

Competitive Events

National Collegiate DECA is recognized by many professionals and students as offering the highest quality of competitive events programming available to postsecondary students. In addition to receiving recognition at our annual Career Development Conference, official competitive event first place winners are awarded a minimum of a $100 cash prize.

National Advisory Board

Over 50 nationally recognized organizations are members of Collegiate DECA’s National Advisory Board (NAB). They donate substantial time and resources toward providing internships, permanent jobs, offering workshops, sponsoring competitive events and leadership programs, serving as judges, and recognizing successful Collegiate DECA members.

Congressional Advisory Board

This group of national legislators have endorsed the benefits of Collegiate DECA as a viable program for students preparing for careers in marketing, management, merchandising, and entrepreneurship.

The DECA Creed

I believe in the future which I am planning for myself in the field of marketing and management, and in the opportunities which my vocation offers.

I believe in fulfilling the highest measure of service to my vocation, my fellow beings, my country and my God - that by so doing, I will be rewarded with personal satisfaction and material wealth.

I believe in the democratic philosophies of private enterprise and competition, and in the freedoms of this nation - that these philosophies allow for the fullest development of my individual abilities.

I believe that by doing my best to live according to these high principles, I will be of greater service both to myself and to mankind