HOME As outlined in the MASW manual:    

     "The chapter board has two major responsibilities; carrying out programmatic goals of MASW and building organizational strength in the chapter.

     Programmatic goals primarily consist of statewide issues concerning state government in Jefferson City such as law making processes and the administration of existing programs while defining local issues of importance requiring attention to the chapter membership.  Such tasks can be accomplished through program methods such as research, organizing and or participating in coalitions, public education and advocacy. 

     Building organizational strength in the chapter refers to maintaining member interest, recruiting new members, renewing lapsed membership, holding regular meetings, fundraising, filling board vacancies and maintaining substantial activity with members and the public and can be acquired through contact with the media to announce public meetings and to share positions about issues (i.e. meetings with reporters, letters to the editor, press events).  The goal of public education is to increase public awareness of MASW's issues and to gain support for appropriate change in public policy. 

     Organizational duties are carried out through a committee structure; the chairperson, or co-chairs of the chapter may appoint the chairpersons of these committees and in turn the chairperson of such committees can recruit others to serve on their committees.

     **Such committees should include responsibilities of membership, public information, organizational development, and board development.  Depending on local interest a legislative, telephone, or other committees may be added." 


These responsibilities are outlined in the MASW handbook.  They are subject to the feasibility allowed by our SEMO chapter resources and to the discretion of the chapter.  However, they are excellent points to guide the business of the SEMO chapter in our quest to serve the Cape Girardeau area.  Please read over these guidelines carefully and think about how they are relevant to MASW values and mission. 

1.  Hold at least four public meetings per year on issues of concern defined by the state association and or social issues of special local concern.  One of these meetings should include the annual business meeting. 

2.  Hold at least eight chapter board meetings per year.  These might coincide with the public meetings for convenience. 

3.  Personally contact delinquent members to encourage renewal. 

4.  Plan and carry out new recruitment. 

5.  Maintain regular contact with the media to arrange coverage of public meetings and to insure that MASW's viewpoint on issues is spread beyond our membership.

6.  Prepare for the state board a yearly statement of chapter goals and objectives, who is responsible for fulfilling them, and when they can be achieved. 

7.  Carry out at least one fund raising project per year.

8.  Either organize citizens' groups or participate in existing coalitions to work for necessary changes in public policies relating to the goals that have been approved by the statewide board and membership at the statewide annual conference.

9.  Aid the Central Office in planning and implementing the statewide conference when it is held in the chapter's area.