03-15-06 Minutes

                Missouri Association for Social Welfare SEMO University Chapter Minutes

                Meeting was held Wednesday March 15, 2006

                Room 216 in Crisp Hall at noon on SEMO campus





Shelly woods

Erin Christopher - Treasurer

Lauren Abney - Co-Chair

Cameron Rodgers

Kristi McNeely- Secretary

Treasurers report was given and accepted

Last weeks minutes was given and accepted

Committee Reports:

Fundraising Committee: March 30th Fundraiser Reach OUT Reach will be held on the Terraces from 2-4pm speakers will include a represenitive from MASW, Shelly Woods to talk about what the student chapter does and Erin Christopher to talk about the petitions being signed!! We will have a table set up for the petitions to be signed on along with a table for MASW info and donations!! Wooden Ships will play from 2:00- 2:45 and the speakers will speak until 3:15 Wooden Ships will play on until 4pm

Special Interest committee:

*MASW public Policy Writing Contest deadline is March today.

*Student advocacy Day was great!! Erin and Lauren had a lot of fun, was a great learning experience!!

*Faces of Hunger did not go as well, MASW members left before the end!!

Qualitative research committee: Committee was not in attendance, an email will be sent to the group with dates of meetings and asking for volunteers.

PA. Committee: All is good.