11-30-05 MINUTES




Missouri Association for Social Welfare SEMO University Chapter Minutes

Meeting was held Wednesday November 30, 2005

Room 216 in Crisp Hall at noon on SEMO campus


Lauren Abney

Stephanie Harris

Shelly Wood

Erin Christopher

Becky Holloway

Clara Southerland

Dr. Pollack

Minutes Review:

    No Secretary present, no minutes produced.

    No opposition to minutes review

Discussion on quorum:

    Erin proposes majority rules

    Stephanie proposes 2/3 majority rules (super majority)

    No opposition to super majority

    Dr. Pollack proposes a quorum with at least two executive members present

    No opposition, unanimous decision

Lauren proposes a vote on new treasurer

    No opposition

    Erin volunteers for treasurer

    Unanimous vote allocates Erin treasurer for Spring 2006


     Lauren announces MASW public policy writing contest

     There is a discrepancy with the due date and she will have further       


New business

     Erin expresses concerns over planned Spring Medicaid forum

     Group is open to suggestions on changing focus

     A motion to drop forum by Erin

     Motion seconded by Stephanie

     The forum is dropped

     Shelly will contact the Salvation Army and Lauren will contact House of  


     Erin proposes public transportation

     Lauren proposes finding out what community needs are

     Clara proposes MASW undertake a qualitative survey of Cape Girardeau

     Spring 06 to research local concerns

     Unanimous decision to focus on recruiting members and qualitative survey

     of Cape Girardeau for Spring 06

Clara motions to adjourn the meeting

     Meeting adjourned