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Join us this spring because we need your help! 

Next Meeting

Thursday, April 26th!

in Room 216 in Crisp Hall

at 4:00 p.m.


We will be planning the movie night for May 4th!

Also ideas for Fall semester!


Spring 2007 Activities

May 4th -- Movie Night

Blood Diamond


Spring 2007 Goals

We plan to focus on learning the organizational aspects of MASW and intend to uphold chapter responsibilities through assisting with forums and other upcoming events sponsored by MASW task forces.  We intend to apply this knowledge in conducting our own local events to serve and educate the public in the future. 


Task Forces

Task forces conduct research on the issues, deliberate on policy initiatives, and plan strategies for achieving change.

The task forces or committees are the policy issues arms of MASW. They meet to discuss policy goals and how they might be implemented through legislation, advocacy with state agencies, organizing of conferences, or other means. They are advisory committees of the State Board. Members and interested citizens are welcome to attend task force meetings.

Areas of focus include:

Asset Development: Fosters independence from welfare and charity in depressed communities by encouraging economic activities such as home ownership, matched savings programs, investment in education and microenterprise.

Criminal Justice: Supports reparations for victims of crime, respect for human rights for the accused, and ultimately rehabilitation and integration of offenders and reconciliation with the community.

Economic Justice: Committed to advocating for the humane implementation of welfare reform, monitoring the impact of welfare policy on poverty in Missouri, advocating policies that help low income people achieve independence from welfare and charity as well as advocacy for fair and adequate taxation and living wage issues.

Health: Promotes accessible and competent health care for all Missourians, adequate funding for health care programs, and consumer protections against mistreatment by managed care systems.

Housing and Homelessness: Committed to increasing the supply of affordable housing and reducing the numbers of homeless people in Missouri.

Hunger: Committed to ending hunger in Missouri by advocating for programs that serve nutritional needs and wages that allow people to be free of charity and welfare.

Mental Health: Promotes the expansion of affordable and accessible mental health services for all Missourians.

Reading material and other things of interest:


Includes publications of MASW


Includes links regarding the following topics:

Asset Development Budget, Legislation & Social Policy Child Abuse Prevention Criminal Justice Economic Justice Health Housing & Homelessness Human Rights Hunger Mental Health










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