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| Saturday, September 05, 2015


Meet the Information Technology Staff


Position Descriptions

IT Organization Chart

Photos Staff Contact Information
Archie Sprengel,
Assistant V. P. Information Technology


Martha Henckell, Director, User Services
Mark Blaylock, Manager, Systems Analyst/Programming
Arthur (Tre) Wallhausen, Manager, Technical Services
Rodger Chisman, Director, Telecommunications
Brian Schnurbusch, Assistant Director, Telecommunications
Lenny Burford, Manager, PC Networking & Maintenance

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Contact Information

Dennis McCollum, Oracle Database Administrator
David Wilde, Manager, Computer Systems
Dwight Prater, Resource 25 Administrator
Patricia Sander, Supervisor, Data Control
Linda Pobst, Switchboard Operator
Mary Siebert, Billing Specialist
Nancy Hess, Sr. Administrative Assistant, IT
Penny Smith, Administrative Assistant, Telecommunications
Lisa Smith, Inventory Assistant
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Paul Belvin, Computer Labs Supervisor
Aaron Alter, Help Desk & User Services Support
Todd Williams, Help Desk Supervisor & User Services Support
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Margaret Brickhaus, Sr Systems Analyst/Programmer
Larry Hendricks, Sr Systems Analyst/Programmer
Josh Waller, Systems Analyst/Programmer
Edgar Luehrs, Sr Systems Analyst/Programmer
Joyce Macke, Sr Systems Analyst/Programmer
Heidi Zhong, Systems Analyst/Programmer
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Dan Koeppel
Robert Lewis
Travis Demarest
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Karl Blankenship, Network Systems Engineer
Richard Meinke, Network Systems Engineer
Eugene Nolen, Network Systems Engineer
Dustin Hopkins, Network Systems Engineer II
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Johnie Aufdenberg
Jeff Baker
David Borst, Lead Technician
Edna Decker
Lloyd Voerg
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John Adams, Network Specialist
Curtis Alter, Network Specialist
Tony Bailey, Network Specialist
Phillip Matrisotto, Network Specialist
Ron McAdams, Network Specialist II
John Moeser, Network Specialist
  ,  Network Specialist  
  , Network Specialist  
  , Network Specialist  
Matthew Wallhausen, Senior Network Specialist

Position Descriptions


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Billing Specialist: Provide billing analysis and reconciliation for faculty, staff, students, and vendors.
Data Control: Receive and process personnel data requests; submit weekly, monthly, and end of semester scheduled reports.
Database Administrator: Manage the Oracle Database used with the Administrative System.
Computer Systems, Manager, : Maintain, upgrade, and support enterprise computing operating systems and hardware.
Help Desk: Provide application and technical support services to students, faculty, and staff.
Network Specialists: Provide troubleshooting analysis, hardware and software maintenance for faculty and staff.
Open Computer Lab Supervisor: Supervise the IT open computer facilities and staff.
Operators: Provide directory and transfer assistance for all callers.
PC Application Specialists: Provide consulting, training, and problem analysis, as well as the design, development, and maintenance of applications for faculty and staff.
ResNet Coordinator: Liasion for IT and Residence Life and residential students; provide ResNet support, provide technical support services to students, faculty, and staff.
Systems Analyst/Programmer: Develop, support, and maintain mainframe software for faculty and staff. 
Technical Services: Maintain servers, provide LAN & Residential Network Support;  conduct computer lab imaging, and maintain virus software.
Technician Journeyman: Provide all infrastructure wiring, troubleshooting, and voice communication assistance for faculty, staff, and students.

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