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| Friday, March 06, 2015



MS Office Online Trainings


Program Topic and Description







Formatting Excel


This training covers a variety of format options including formatting and organizing tables; formatting text, font, and color; formatting cells; inserting and deleting borders. (11-21 minutes)
Formulas and Data Tools Formulas provide the ability to quickly calculate numerical information. In this training, simple formulas will be covered. In addition, more complex topics, such as the use of data validation and conditional formatting will be demonstrated. 


Movie Maker


Movie Maker It's easier than ever to create and share your own movies with this free Microsoft download. How to turn your videos or photos into movies are some of the topics for this training.







SmartArt Graphics A SmartArt graphic is a visual representation of your information that you can quickly and easily create to effectively communicate your message or ideas. An overview of how to insert, add text, convert existing text, change the organization, rearrange shapes on the same level, and modify the appearance of a SmartArt graphic is demonstrated in this training. (9-19 minutes)
Getting to Know PowerPoint PowerPoint is Microsoft's slide-based presentation program that provides everything you need to produce a professional-looking presentation. This training will cover topics such as creating a new presentation, opening an existing presentation, pinning a presentation, creating a new presentation from a template. You will also learn how to use the quick access toolbar, rules, guides, and gridlines, and minimize and maximize the ribbon. (15-25 minutes)
Themes and Images Use themes to give your presentation a visually consistent appearance. In this training, you will learn about theme elements, how to apply or change themes, how to insert an image from clip art, insert a screenshot of a window, and insert a screen clipping. (11-21 minutes)






Word 2010

Citations & Bibliography Make the development and use of citations and bibliographies easier by viewing this training. Topics include: saving, changing, and deleting sources in a document; inserting in-text citations; inserting a works cited page. (7-17 minutes)
Inserting Tabs Learn how to work with tabs to indent and align information in documents. (7-17 minutes)
Page Layout Tab The page layout tab is where you can customize the way your document's page is set up. Options, available from the page layout tab, will be demonstrated. (6-16 minutes)



Word 2013

Commonly Used Tasks Word basics: Create a new project, save a document, open a new document, close a document; undo and redo an action. (7-17 minutes)
Format Text Effects Apply some interesting and nonstandard text effects to your documents. Topics include formatting text effects, as well as inserting preset text effects. (4-14 minutes)
Quick Parts Work more efficiently by using Quick Parts. Topics include creating, saving, and editing reusuable pieces of content. (9-19 minutes)
Header and Footers Headers and footers are typically used in multiple-page documents to display descriptive information in relation to your document or paper. Topics for this training include inserting a header or footer, inserting a custom header or footer, making the first page of a header or footer different from the others, changing the content of the header or footer, as well as inserting the file name, document title, and current date. (15-25 minutes)