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Training Lab Reservation Form Request

This form is a request for a reservation only--it does not guarantee the reservation. Your form will be followed up with a confirmation letter or other contact.


Please read the detailed information on Training Lab Reservations at prior to completing the Training Lab Reservation Form.


Request for Training Computer Lab:
Name of person making request:
Extension or telephone number: 
E-mail Address:
Mail Stop:


Equipment Needs:


Instructional Computer With CD Rom Drive
Computer for each attendee
Remote Mouse
Document Camera
Projector for Computer
Laser Printer
(Special accounts will be needed to print in Crisp or Towers Computer Labs. Call Martha at x2217 for arrangements)
Wireless Microphone


Computers will be used by:
Number of Attendees:
Name of person to provide training or presentation:
Department of trainer or presenter:


Presenter must be trained to use the equipment and facilities in the specific lab reserved. If training has not occurred, what dates is the Presenter available for training?
Computer software to be used:
Will software installation be required: No      Yes
(If installation is required, charges may be incurred. Allow for 3 weeks for installation requests.)


Reservation Time: ,  From   to

You will receive a direct confirmation of this reservation within 48 hours from the Information Technology Department. If you fail to receive a confirmation, please call the IT Help Desk at 573-651-4357.