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| Saturday, October 10, 2015



Banner Online Trainings

 A complete series of Banner online trainings are being developed in order to meet the training needs of new employees or employees with newly assigned responsibilities that require Banner access. Announcements in the campus Newswire will be issued as these online trainings become available.


  1. Employee supervisors will initiate the Banner Training registration by identifying the training requirements of the employee position on the Supervisor Web request form located at:
  2. Once the module leader of the module trainings chosen has approved the training request, training access will be assigned and both the employee and supervisor will be notified of the training availability.
  3. Each online training can be accessed from Employees will use their SE Key and password to login.
  4. Training simulations that contain a quiz must result in a score of 80% or better to continue to the next training. Initially, these trainings will provide two (2) opportunities to be successfully completed. If more attempts are needed, the employee must contact the IT Help Desk at to request additional access privileges.
  5. Each demonstration and simulation course must be completed before Banner security privileges will be assigned. After completion of the each training module (required demonstration and, when available = module), the employee must contact the IT Help Desk at to request access to the next series of Banner training.
  6. When module training requirements have been successfully completed, the IT Help Desk will forward the security access granted by the module leader to the IT Department. Establishing security access for the employee may take 1-3 business days. The employee will be notified by the module leader via e-mail once access to a module has been granted.















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