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| Friday, May 22, 2015


Banner Finance FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

General Banner Finance Information Accounts Payable-Related Information

Budget-Related Information

Research Accounting (Grants) Related Information
Purchasing-Related Information Foundation Accounting General Information



What is the difference between Internet Native Banner and Self Service?


Internet Native Banner (INB) is an application intended for heavy users and those doing more of the administrative functions. Self Service is intended for the light users and does not have all the complexity of Banner. Specifically for Finance related functions, it allows users to create and approve requisitions, query accounts for encumbrances, payments, and budget, as well as make budget transfers.


Will Banner training be mandatory or can we learn the system by reading the training materials?

Although written training material will be available to assist users with learning the new system, this material is not a substitute for the hands-on training sessions. Training is a huge effort that is critical to the success of the Banner implementation. Therefore, training is essential for users and Banner access will be granted to only those users who attend the training classes. Class schedules are available at


FOAPAL - What does this stand for?


FOAPAL is the equivalent of an FAO or account number in Advantage.

  • (F) Fund - Required - distinguishes between unrestricted and restricted funds
  • (O) Organization (Org) - Required - based on the organizational chart
  • (A) Account - Required - used to specify the classification of revenue and expenses
  • (P) Program - Required - used for financial reporting purposes; will default from Index or Organization code
  • (A) Activity - Not required - used to track a particular activity
  • (L) Location - Not required (unless purchasing capital equipment) - defines the physical location
  • For more information on FOAPAL, review the Finance COA Manual.

What is an Index code?


Index codes have been established to help alleviate Banner users from having to remember all elements of the FOAP when they create purchase requisitions or perform budget queries.


Your Index code is generally the same as your organization code. When you enter your Index code, the Fund, Organization, and Program codes will automatically populate. When you use your Index code, you will only need to populate the Account code field.


Can I see the crosswalk of my Advantage FAOs to my Banner Index codes?


Crosswalks from Advantage FAOs to Banner Indexes and Fund/Organization codes can be searched on the Web at


How do I know what my fiscal year and fiscal period should be?


Southeast Missouri State University has a fiscal year that runs from July 1st through June 30th. The "fiscal year" which Banner asks correlates with the year in which our fiscal year ends. In other words, fiscal year 2006 is the time period from July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006.


The "fiscal period" which Banner asks correlates with the months of our fiscal year. Fiscal period 01 is the first month of our fiscal year, or July. When performing queries, for information on the full year, choose fiscal period 14.





How are the budgets broken out within my Index?


Revenue budgets are budgeted by the specific account code. The expense budgets are budgeted by budget pools (610000 - Student Labor, 620000 - Faculty/Staff Labor, 780000 - Equipment, 701000 - Operating Expenditures).


How can I view the information in my Index?


Click on the "Budget Queries" link from the Financial Information menu. Choose "Budget by Account" from the drop-down list in the "Retrieve Existing Query" section and click the "Retrieve Query" box. Modify the parameters, if desired, and click "Continue."


Enter your Index and click "Submit Query." The Fund, Organization, and Program information will populate. Click "Submit Query" again.


For more information on viewing an Index, please review the Finance Budget Manual and Finance Budget Quick Reference.


How can I transfer budget?


Choose the Budget Transfer link from the Financial Information menu. Enter the "Transaction Date" (this will default to the current date). Select the "Journal Type" TB1 (Departmental Budget Transfer). Enter the "Transfer Amount." Enter the Indexes and click "Complete." The Fund, Org, and Program information will populate. Enter the Pooled Budget Accounts and a "Description." Click "Complete."


For more information on viewing an Index, please review the Finance Budget Manual and Finance Budget Quick Reference.


Who can make budget transfers?


All employees who have attended the Banner Budget Reports and Transfers class will have the ability to make budget transfers. However, departmental procedures should be followed. This includes obtaining the proper approvals prior to making a transfer.


Can I make budget transfers only between Pooled Budget Accounts or also between Organization codes?


Employees can make transfers between Pooled Budget Accounts and Organizations. Employees CANNOT make transfers across Funds or from Grant or Foundation Organizations.


How do I check the remaining budget in my Pooled Budget Accounts?


Click on the Budget Queries link from the Financial Information menu. Choose "Budget Report Template" from the drop-down list in the "Retrieve Existing Query" section and click the "Retrieve Query" box. Modify the parameters, if desired, and click "Continue."


Enter your Index and click "Submit Query." The Fund, Organization, and Program information will populate. Click "Submit Query" again.


Click on "60" to see the available budget for Student Labor and/or Faculty/Staff Labor. Click on "70" to see the available budget for Equipment and/or Operating Expenditures.


For more information on viewing an Index, please review the Finance Budget Manual and Finance Budget Quick Reference.


How can I download my budget query to Excel?


At the bottom of your budget query report, you will see two buttons: (1) Download All Ledger Columns, and (2) Download Selected Ledger Columns. You can click on either option to download the report into Excel. By choosing the first option, all parameters of the report will download. By choosing the second option, only the parameters you had chosen for your report will download into Excel. You will need to do some formatting in Excel.





How is an online purchase requisition done?


Click on the "Requisition" link from the Finance Self Service menu.


For general information on how to create an online purchase requisition, please review the Purchasing Training Manual.


Can I create all of my purchase requisitions in Self Service?


Self Service may be used to enter simple purchase requisitions. Internet Native Banner must be used to enter a requisition if any of the following apply:

  • Purchase of a fixed asset (formerly object 300 in Advantage)
  • Requisition with more than five (5) accounting lines
  • Requisition when budget is not available at time of entry

How do I know I've completed my requisition properly?


Did you click on the "Complete" button at the end of the process? If not, your requisition is hanging out in Banner space. After the "Complete" button is clicked, you will receive a confirmation message displaying your requisition number; it is at this time that your requisition is automatically forwarded for approvals.


If you are in doubt, look up the requisition in "View Document" in Self Service Banner or FPIREQN in Internet Native Banner (INB). When the requisition has been successfully completed, you will see a "Y" in the "Complete" box in Self Service Banner or a check mark in the "Complete" box in Internet Native Banner.


Where can I go for Purchasing support needed after attending training?


Rest assured that you are not expected to become a Banner expert overnight. A training class manual is available for you to use as a reference if you have questions or problems. Training classes will also be offered on a monthly basis throughout the year. Still have question or need support--contact the Purchasing staff for further assistance.


How do I use the Lookup function in the online purchase requisition?


For general information on the use of the Lookup function in Self Service, please review the Purchasing Training Manual.


What if my vendor is not listed in Banner Self Service?


If you cannot find your vendor or if you have a new vendor to add to the vendor list, enter the vendor information (including name, address, and phone number) in the "Document Text" field of the requisition. Completing a requisition without a vendor number will not give you an error message.


What if I have an attachment to send with a Requisition?


All attachments associated with a Banner online requisition should be submitted using either the Banner Requisition Attachment Form located at OR sent via: fax (x5099), campus mail (MS2035), or email (


When creating the Banner Finance online requisition, advise the Purchasing staff of the attachment by typing a note explaining the method used to send the attachment in "Document Text." The purchase order will not be processed until the attachment has be received.


How can I change/cancel my purchase requisition?


To change a purchase order, email the requisition number and information to be changed to Purchasing at Remember: any increase in dollar amount will require an approval so you must create an additional requisition for the amount of the increase.


How do I create a purchase requisition template?


Before "Completing" your requisition, enter the name of your template in the "Save as Template" field. Do not check the "Shared" box.


Creating a template is not required. Templates allow you to save time when you have recurring requisitions.


How do I approve a purchase requisition?


Approvals for purchase requisitions are processed through Banner Self Service. As a Financial Manager, you have the authority to approve requisitions for your Indexes via the Web.


For general information on how to approve a purchase requisition, review the Self Service Approvals training manual.


How can I track the progress of my requisition?


Click on the "View Documents" link from the "Finance" menu in Banner Self Service. Click on "Requisitions" from the "Choose Type" drop-down menu. Enter the requisition number in the "Document Number" box. Choose the "Approval History" button located at the bottom of the page.


The next page will display status information. If the requisition is still in the approval queue, waiting for specific approvals, a message to this effect will be displayed. If the document has been approved, it will state "no further approvals are needed" and display who approved the document. If the requisition has been disapproved, it will display "Deny" in the approval history.


Can I print my Requisition? 


Yes you can print your requisition. Click on the "View Documents" link from the "Finance" menu in Banner Self Service. Click on "Requisitions" from the "Choose Type" drop-down menu. Enter the requisition number in the "Document Number" box. Click on the "View Document" button at the bottom of the page. Click on your Internet browser "Print" button.


How will I be notified when my Purchase Order is approved?


This procedure will not change; departments will continue to receive a copy of the signed purchase order via campus mail.


How can I verify that my P.O. was charged to the correct Index/Account?


Click on the "View Documents" link from the "Finance" menu in Banner Self Service. Click on "Requisitions" from the "Choose Type" drop-down menu. Enter the requisition number in the "Document Number" box. Click on the "View Document" button at the bottom of the page. The requisition and accounting information will be shown at the bottom of the page.





How can I find out if and when a vendor has been paid?


From Self Service, click on the "Finance" menu; click on the "Budget Queries" link; from the "Retrieve Existing Query" drop-down list, choose "Expenditure Query and click the "Retrieve Query" button. Click the "Continue" button, making no changes.


Enter the appropriate chart of accounts: U (University) or F (Foundation). Enter your Index. Click the "Submit Query" button. Fund, Organization, and Program information will populate. Click the "Submit Query" button once again.


Query Results will show all Expenditure Accounts that have had activity. Find the account that the expenditure was to be charged to and click on the dollar amount in the "Year to Date" column. From the document list results, click on the item for which you would like to see more information. Towards the bottom of the screen, you may see a "Related Documents" box. If so, it could contain check information or Purchase Order information. You have the option of clicking on the PO# and viewing additional information for that particular PO. If you do not see check information, click on the "system Invoice Number" towards the top of the screen to get detailed information on the invoice. This will show you the payment due date (check date) and detailed information of the invoice.


If an item has not been paid for, can I see when payment is scheduled?


See above explanation.


How can I find out what invoices were paid on a check?


This is not a feature available with Banner Self Service at this time. Please contact Accounts Payable for this information.


How can I view what has been paid to a particular vendor?


This is not a feature available with Banner Self Service at this time. Please contact Accounts Payable for this information.


Internet Native Banner (INB) does provide this feature. Login to INB and go to the FAIVNDH form. Enter the vendor number. (If you do not know the vendor number, click on the "Search" box located at the right of the Vendor number/name box. An "Options List" pop-up box will appear; click on "Entity Name/ID Search (FTIIDEN), perform a vendor search, and double click on the Vendor Number. This will automatically take you back to FAIVNCH and fill in the vendor number for you.) Tab to the "Selection" field and choose "All." Tab to the "Fiscal Year," and enter Fiscal Year "06." Perform a "Next Block." A list of all vendor invoices entered in the system and corresponding information for each vendor invoice will be displayed.


How can I view detailed information on an invoice?


See "How can I view what has been paid to a particular vendor?" above.


How are other Accounts Payable forms processed on Banner? (i.e., Direct Pays, Expense Requests, Payment Voucher Forms)


Employees will use the same process as they use now for Accounts Payable forms. The forms have been updated and are available on the Accounts Payable Web page: Send the completed forms to Accounts Payable, MS3250, for processing.


What is the process for approving Accounts Payable forms?


Employees will use the same process as is currently used for approving Accounts Payable forms. Financial Managers, or the Alternate Approver for Direct Pays, will sign the forms.





What is my new Index code?


There are at least two ways to check your new Index code. Access a crosswalk table at with your Southeast Key. Type in your old Advantage FAO and the new Banner Index code will be displayed.


Internet Native Banner (INB) can also be used to locate your Index code. Log into INB and in the "GO" text box, type FTVACCI. Use the query function to search for your Index code.


If I know my new Index code, do I still need to know my grant code (fund code)?


The grant code is necessary to perform budget queries and view expenditures since the inception of your grant (grant periods may cross fiscal years). For grants beginning July 1 or after, the Index code, grant code, and fund code for a grant will be set as the same number. Grants existing prior to July 1 were set up with the Index code and grant code matching the organization code. The beginning two numbers on grant funds are unique (22 - federal grants, 23 - state grants, 24 - private grants) and serve as a signal to business offices that these expenditures require the approval of the Grants Compliance Officer.


I need to know how much money I have left in my grant. How can I look this up?


The easiest access to your grant budget balance is through Internet Self Service Budget Queries. One of the more useful queries is the "Organization Budget Status Report". Review the Research Accounting manual for details on how to pull up a query and view your balances by pooled accounts.


How can I view my grant budget activity inception-to-date?


In Self Service, select "Budget Status by Account Query" and click enter. Continue through the next screen. Instead of using the Index code, enter the grant code only in the grant field, making sure no other fields are populated. Uncheck "Include Revenue Accounts" if checked. The resulting screen is a budget by pooled accounts from the grant inception date.


I no longer want to keep my expenses in a spreadsheet separate from Banner. How can I do this but still be able to know my current grant balance at all times?


You can keep a log of grant activity - purchase requisitions, invoices, etc. and check Banner periodically to see when they clear. As the activities show up in Banner, remove them from your log. Your current grant balance at any time is the amount the Banner Budget Query shows less items on your activity log that have not yet entered the system.


Will I be able to do my own budget transfers within my grant in Banner?


Accounting Services, specifically the Grant Accountant, will continue to do all budget transfers in grants. It is critical that budget transfers conform to sponsoring agency guidelines. Financial managers may still authorize the Grant Accountant to make transfers.


I have not yet received my grant contract but know that we have a grant award. What Index code should I put on expenses that are due?


Contact the granting agency to expedite the contract. If that is not possible, have the agency send a letter or memo that states their intention to fund the grant. With this documentation, the Grant Accountant may be able to assign a grant code and other codes with approval from the Controller.





Where do I send invoices that get paid through a Foundation account?


All invoices paid through the Foundation accounts should still be sent to the Foundation Office, MS7300, for processing.


When can I expect a check to be cut from the Foundation?


Checks from Foundation accounts will be ran two times each week. Specific days will be determined at a later time.


Am I required to code Foundation invoices to be paid?


Using the Direct Pay Stamp, indicate Chart F and fill in all appropriate information including the Index code and expense account to be charged. It is not necessary to fill in the fund or org as long as the Index code is used.


Can I use my Foundation Advantage FAO to find my Foundation Banner Index code?


You can search for your Foundation Banner Index code on a Web site using your Foundation Advantage FAO at


How will Foundation transfers be handled with Banner?


Foundation transfers will continue to be handled as they are now. The transfer form should be completed and sent to the Foundation office. It will then be forwarded to Accounting Services for processing.