How to filter spam using student email in the portal


1.  Open your email after logging into


2.  Click on Options tab at the top



3.  Click on Filters



4.  Click on Create Filter to start a new filter



5.  In the drop down box next to Subject header, select contains, then type in "[SPAM]"



6.  Click Choose Folder



7.  Choose Deleted folder to send the spam directly to the deleted folder, then click OK



8.  Click OK again



9.  Click OK again



10.  Click E-mail to return to your e-mail application, or click Exit to exit the e-mail application




Any new email labeled {Spam?} from the University's email server will be transferred to the Deleted folder.  You will be able to retrieve any email from the deleted folder if it turns out that it is not actually spam.  You can also customize these rules to be more or less effective in removing spam.