How do I filter spam emails using Outlook 2010?


1. Open Outlook


2. Click the Home Tab, then select Rules, and Manage Rules & Alerts...



3. Click New Rule to start a rule



4. Choose Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder


5. Under Edit the rule description, click specific words



6. In the text box, type "[SPAM]" (without the quotes) and click Add


7. Be sure [SPAM] appears in the Search list box, and click OK



8. Click on specified to choose where you want to send the spam email


9. Select Deleted Items folder and click OK

Note:  You can choose any folder or create a new folder if desired (i.e. spam or junk)



10. Now that the rule description is done, click Finish



11. Make sure the new Spam rule is listed and checked, and click OK to end the Rules and Alerts Wizard.



Any new email labeled [SPAM] from the University's email server will be transferred to the Deleted Items folder.  You can also customize these rules to be more or less effective in removing spam.