How do I Filter Spam emails using Eudora?


1.  Open your Eudora e-mail program


2.  Click on Tools, then select Filters from the menu



3.  Click on the New button



4.  Under Match, check Incoming


5.  Under Header select Subject: in the drop-down box


6.  After contains drop-down box, type in "[SPAM]" (without the quotes)



7.  Under Action, click the down arrow on the first drop-down box


8.  Choose Transfer To



9.  Click on the In button to the right of Transfer to, and choose the Junk mailbox, or create a new mailbox for spam



10.  From the menu at the top, click File then choose Close



11.  When prompted to save the filter you just created, click Yes



Any new email labeled [Spam] from the University's email server will be transferred to the Junk mailbox.  You can also customize these rules to be more or less effective in removing spam.