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Welcome to the home page of the Diversity Peer Educators at Southeast Missouri State University

Mission Statement:

DPE is a coalition of students trained in diversity issues in order to educate through interactive skits, team builders, and various programming. DPE is made up of students who are passionate about diversity, able to accept people of different viewpoints, willing to challenge, provoke, and criticize, and able to facilitate on the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level.


Our purpose is to provide students with insight into campus life and help destroy the stereotypes and discrimination that separate cultures, beliefs, and races. Our goal is to educate about Diversity and help our society become more open and accepting.

What We Do:

The Diversity Peer Educators work with various groups, organizations, residence hall communities, and classrooms utilizing diversity activities that promote awareness of a variety of diversity related topics. Our organization also conducts campus wide awareness programs throughout the year. Also, we have attended and presented at multiple national conferences.

We DO NOT force our ideals or opinions on others. We DO NOT force others to believe what others believe. Our organization promotes the differences in people, that is what makes people who they are. We DO offer an opportunity for people to learn with the hope that individuals will become more aware and open to the differences in people. We hope that this will bring people together and make individuals more accepting.

"Unity in Diversity"

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