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College Democrats

Photographs of recent CD activities:


On October 28, 2009, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean debated Rush Limbaugh on the Southeast campus.  Prior to the event, Governor Dean met with the College Democrats.
Governor Dean poses with CD President Steven Brewen. 

Campaign 2008!!

Thanks to hard work and the trust of American voters, on November 4, 2008, we continued to change the course of our nation!!!

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2008 WAS a year for change, as our T-shirts proclaimed.
During the Fall of 2008, we held two rallies on the Terraces, complete with student speakers, candidates, music, and celebration!!! IM000445.JPG (1132192 bytes)
IM000948.JPG (774976 bytes) In late April 2008, the College Democrats hosted a meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings with 8th District Congressional candidate Joe Allen, of Forsyth MO.   Joe talked about his campaign and responded to questions and comments. 
In March 2008, group members publicized the College Democrats by painting the power plant wall. IM000921.JPG (769248 bytes)
IM000884.JPG (723040 bytes) In February 2008, the College Democrats co-hosted the appearance of James Carville (and Mary Matalin) on the Southeast campus.
Two days before the February 2008 presidential primary, some of the College Democrats were able to meet Chelsea Clinton when she was in town stumping for Mom. IM000847.JPG (741760 bytes)

Campaign 2006!!

Thanks to hard work and the trust of American voters, on November 7, 2006, we began to change the course of our nation!!!

Congressional candidate Veronica Hambacker attended our Nov. 1 rally.


State Representative candidate Matt Hill chatted with  some of the College Democrats at the rally.

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CD President Lara Glauber with Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan,
at the Cape County Democrats Fall Festival , September 23rd.





Campaign 2004!!

(above)  The College Democrats assisted at the annual Cape County Democrats Fall Festival dinner, and got to meet former Missouri Governor Roger Wilson, October 23, 2004..

(above)  The College Democrats walked in the Southeast Homecoming Parade, distributing candy, campaign buttons and stickers, and literature.  (Saturday, October 30, 2004)

(above)  The College Democrats enlisted new members, registered new voters, and distributed campaign literature at the Pi Sigma Alpha Carnival on the Terraces, Friday, October 1, 2004.

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(above)  Anna Gourdin is a student on the campaign staff of Bekki Cook, Democratic nominee for Missouri Lieutenant Governor.

John Edwards Visit!!

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(above)  John Edwards visited Cape Girardeau on August 5, 2004, and met with a crowd of several hundred supporters.  (above)  Reginald Jennings was one of the College Democrats in attendance.

(above)  College Democrat Anna Gourdin met with presidential candidate Dick Gephardt in Scott County, Missouri, early in 2004.  Anna also campaigned in Iowa for Congressman Gephardt over Fall Break 2003 and semester break. Despite the outcome, she had a great experience and learned a lot.


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(above)  The College Democrats turned out on a beautiful Saturday morning, October, 4, 2003, to sponsor and publicize area Democratic candidates.   Here are Ted Thompson, Reginald Jennings, Ericalynn Thomas, and Keanna Hamptiol as they promote former Secretary of State and Cape Girardean Bekki Cook, who is running for Lieutenant Governor.


(above)  Tiffany Binford and Ericalynn Thomas helped distribute candy and campaign literature along the route of the 2002 Homecoming parade, October 19, 2002.


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College Democrats with Senator Jean Carnahan at Southeast Homecoming football game, October 20, 2001.  From left:  Ericalynn Thomas, Senator Carnahan, Dorian Havens, "Doc" Bertram.


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College Democrats with Missouri Governor Bob Holden at Cape County Democrats Fall Festival, October 27, 2001.  From left:  John Lee, Francis Slay, Stephen Sondermann, Governor Holden, Ericalynn Thomas, Dorian Havens, Dr. Rick Althaus.


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College Democrats with Speaker Pro Tem Mark Abel after his appearance at the University Center, November 8, 2001.  From left, Front row:  unidentified, Matt Luckett, Devon Pasley, Ericalynn Thomas, Representative Abel, Dorian Havens, Natasha Koelling.  Back row:  "Doc" Bertram, Dr. Rick Althaus, Cape County Democrats Chair Tom Neumeyer.