CD President Danice Granger Explains Why She is Voting for Obama

(This column originally appeared in the Capaha Arrow, October 24-30, 2012, p. 15.)

As a college student, I take a lot of things for granted. However, one thing I donít take for granted is my right to vote, every election allows me to take part in a process which has defined American culture and history since the Constitution was signed. Before each election the most important thing is making an educated decision on who is going to get my vote. With all of the ads and mudslinging sometimes the facts are hard to find in such a mess. However, after sorting through everything I have decided to support President Obama for a second term. Iím not going to say things are perfect right now; but I think our nation has come a long way, and under good leadership can go a lot further.  I want to share with you why President Obama has earned my vote and deserves a second term.

There are many things that Barack Obama has done that have earned my vote for 2012. In countless ways, he has improved the lives of young Americans. First, he has doubled the amount of Pell Grants and significantly increased the number of students receiving these awards. Investing in young adults allows us to compete for higher skilled and higher paying jobs. Additionally, to help young adults under the Affordable Care Act President Obama has created the ability for young Americans to stay on their parentís health insurance plan until they are twenty-six. Previously, children were cut off at the age of eighteen leaving many students attending college without the benefit of health insurance. The Credit Card Act of 2009 also made predatory issuance of credit cards harder, by restricting the use of credit cards in very young adults and limiting marketing activity on college campuses. Further, Barack Obama has been a champion of student loan reform and forgiveness programs for career areas with the most need, such as nursing. Barack Obama said, ďThe future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create,Ē I believe his policies and actions stand behind this statement and I want a President who stands behind me and other young Americans.

Barack Obama has led the way in equal treatment for women. The first act signed by the President was the Lily-Ledbetter Fair Pay act. President Obama has made it clear that equal and fair pay for women wonít just make womenís lives better but it will also make the economy stronger. Overall, Obama is a champion for equal rights for all Americans regardless of race, gender, age, or sexual orientation. In the 21st Century I believe any President we elect should be able to stand up for all of those he or she represents.

Foreign policy is a very complex subject with plenty of room for debate. However, Barack Obama has overall shown the power and capability to skillfully represent the United States abroad. He brought an end to the war in Iraq and Osama Bin Ladenís reign of terror. Additionally, Obama has shown the ability to take responsibility for his actions, the actions of American agencies, and all Americans.

Finally, I have to look at the economy. I completely see that our recovery from ďThe Great RecessionĒ has been a long road that we are still traveling. However, I also see improvement. I believe a plan that is showing improvement is better than no plan. Without more details from Governor Romney I canít perceive that he has a better plan for America. At an economic time like this I donít want to leave the economy to a plan without details, Iíd rather elect someone with a clear vision and plan. There are definitely arguments to be made that a faster recovery is possible; however, without details of this plan I canít support it. I donít think America can gamble with its recovery.

Overall, I have plenty of reasons Barack Obama has earned my vote in 2012 and I havenít shared all of them with you today. This decision wasnít based on a debate or the overwhelming amount of information from advertisements. Research is the best tool a voter has, and my secret weapon is I was able to look at the claims both campaigns made and make my own decision. Most people wouldnít hire a babysitter without checking their references so before we hire a President we have a responsibility to check out their claims and find out the facts. When it comes down to a job like President, facts really do matter. The facts showed me President Barack Obama deserves my vote for President.